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Playing Doctor- Doctor Play Set for Kids

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I am so excited to share this post with you. Do you have kids who like playing doctor?  During the past few months we have talked a lot about doctors and nurses and how grateful we are for their service.

So, today I have a few ideas for making a doctor play set for kids. We have a set of printable x-rays, a homemade stethoscope, a homemade cast and band-aids.

playing doctor with kids

Playing Doctor: Doctor Play Set for Kids

My kids have some little lab coats that I bought them a while back for playing doctor.  They love putting them on.  We happen to have an abundance of masks lying around these days, both homemade and disposable.  If you sew, you can make a simple homemade mask that your kids can play with for a long time. Or grab yourself a pack of disposable masks. I’m sure you can put them to good use right now!

This activity would go great with our Pretend Play Human Anatomy activity, too!

How to Make a Homemade Stethoscope

We made this with two paper towel rolls, duct tape and a plastic funnel.

Cut one of the rolls in half at a diagonal.  On the other one, cut a slit at the top- about an inch and half long. Assemble them by turning the cut one at a right angle. Tape it together with duct tape. Insert it into the funnel one where the slit is.

making a stethescope for kids

Then tape around the whole thing. My kids wanted to decorate it with stripes.

Insert a funnel into the end of it.  Place the funnel on the person’s heart and listen through the other end. You will be able to hear their heartbeat!

homemade stethoscope

Play Doctor with Printable Human X-Rays

This set of printable x-rays is the perfect thing for kids to use when playing doctor! We printed them on a clear transparency sheet.  If you don’t have these, printing on white paper works well, too!

This x-ray set includes a full body x-ray, a skull, a rib cage, a pelvis, a foot, a hand, an arm and a leg.

printable xrays for kids

You can still hang them up in a window and see them well.

x-rays for kids printable play set

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Homemade Cast and Band-aids for Playing Doctor

These are both made with paper towel rolls, too!  For the cast, I just covered it in white duct tape.  You can do this with any color, though. Casts come in all colors these days!  Then cut all the way down one side and it can slip over a child’s arm or leg to look just like a cast.  Make sure to get a few signatures with a sharpie marker!

homemade play cast for kids

For the band-aids, just cut some small rings and draw a little square on them to look like the gauze portion of the band-aid. Cut them open so they can be slipped on like a bracelet.

What fun, right?  My daughter went crazy over this doctor play set.  She was so happy to take part in this activity and wanted to play doctor all day long!

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