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STEM Teaching: Young Scientist Challenge

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This is a sponsored post in behalf of Discovery Education and 3M.  All thoughts and ideas are my own.

Have you heard of the Discovery Education Young Scientist Challenge?  It is a premiere video challenge for kids in grades 5-8 who have curious minds and innovative ideas. I am sure you know a few of those kids!  For this challenge, kids just need to submit a 1-2 minute video where they describe a unique solution to an everyday problem. The Top 10 Finalists in this competition will win an exclusive 3M Mentorship and a trip to 3M World HQ in Minnesota where they will compete for the $25,000 Grand Prize and the title of America’s Top Young Scientist.  If you have kids interested in any of the STEM topics, this is something you should really take time to consider doing. If you are already underway with the project, then it is time to hustle and finish up your videos and submit them!

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The Young Scientist Challenge was first launched in 1999 by Discovery Communications. In 2008,  Discovery Education joined forces with 3M to cultivate the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers. Both of these companies are innovators. Their goal is to encourage the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers right at the age right at the age when it’s most important to engage in science activities.  I KNEW this was something that my readers would love, so I wanted to share the details with you. I am even hoping my science-minded son will be interested in it!

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The deadline for this challenge is quickly approaching. All submissions need to be turned in by April 19, 2018, so it is go time!  If you are planning to do the challenge with your students or kids, now is the time to get moving, planning and recording! Check out their Teacher Support Materials, Teacher Support Materials, which include an outline and a timeline that will help you plan the challenge with your students or kids.

Right now, with just a week left, it is time to quickly plan and record the video. If you need tips, be sure to visit their About the Challenge page.  It has all the information you need to know including some tips and tricks to help you! You can also watch the videos from previous participants. These kids are amazing!

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Tips to Enhance Entry Videos:

Keep these tips top of mind when putting the finishing touches on your video and remember to submit your video by the 4/19 at 8 PM ET deadline.

  • Be passionate about the subject chosen! Obviously if students show passion they will be more exciting to listen to as they present. Also, the project will matter more to them! I often talk to my kids about finding their passion, and this project can definitely go right along with that!
  • Do a lot of research! Students need to fully understand all about the project topic they are presenting.
  • Be innovative & think outside the box.
  • Communicate clearly. Look into the camera and speak loudly, too!
  • Grab the audience’s attention.  I have been taking a video course and recently learned that the first 6-8 seconds of a video are the most important time to catch your viewer’s attention. Make the beginning memorable!
  • Share with friends and family and let them give you advice.

Hop on over to the Young Scientist Challenge website to get all of the details. I hope you will consider entering. It looks like the experience of a lifetime!


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