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United States Geography Lessons

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Learn all about United States Geography with this fun printable pack of activities!  My daughter has been begging me to make her some fun USA Geography activities. Together we picked out and planned a lot of the pages in this unit. She is thrilled with it and has been loving working through it. I love that my daughter is begging for geography! 🙂

I will be working through all of the states individually over the course of the year.  This pack is a general US geography helper to kick off the series!

United States Geography Lesson Unit

United States Geography Lesson Unit

This unit is 18 pages long and includes the following activity pages:

USA Geography

Regions of the USA
States & Capitals Matching
States & Abbreviations Matching
USA-shaped Booklet
USA Dot-to-Dot
USA Maze
USA Tracing Page
Label the States on the Map
Questions about the USA
World Map with USA labeled
Statue of Liberty Coloring Page
USA Facts Coloring Page
A Study Sheet with States & Capitals and Abbreviations

To do this lesson, kids will definitely need an atlas!  I mean, you could find all of the info online (Wikipedia tends to be my kids’ go-to point of research), but I think it is important for kids to learn how to use an atlas, personally. We pulled out a couple that we had on hand. The Discovery Kids Atlas of the World had most of the info and the Usborne Geography one was a little underwhelming. It just did not have the info we were looking for.  I am investing in a new USA atlas this week to get going on our USA state studies. I’ll share what we got in my next post!

My daughter really likes the USA book. She just chose some of her favorite facts to write in it. She wrote about the first and last states to join the Union and the state she lives in as well as states she has visited. It is blank with some lined pages and some blank pages, so you can use it in any way you want!

Interested in Printing the USA Geography Unit?

This can be found in my shop!

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