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Printable Father’s Day Card- Best Dad I Ever Saw

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, so I have a simple little printable Father’s Day card for you to use!  Believe me, this requires no creative talent on your end! 🙂  It says: “You’re The Best Dad I Ever Saw!”

My kids loved this little card and happily colored and decorated their saws for their Dad.

Printable Father's Day Card - Best Dad I Ever Saw

This cute little printable is just a single page and the saw is on the bottom half of the paper. You fold the paper in half and cut along the bottom to make the saw edges. Leave the top un-cut to make the fold of the card.

gift for dad- printable father's Day Card

Let your kids cut and color as much as they can to make it officially from them. (Ok, maybe I cut their’s for the photos. . .)

homemade printable father's day card

Then they can write their own love notes to Dad on the inside!

You could attach it to a new saw or any other gift that you want to give to Dad. OR, keep it simple and let the card be the gift. That’s how we roll in our house!



Check out another homemade gift for Dad: we made these cool photo cubes and they are a favorite of my husband’s.

Family Photo Cube Gift- Fathers Day

He is also still in love with his homemade shave butter!

homemade shave butter

Or check out this post on Homemade Father’s Day Gifts.

Are you interested in downloading this fun Printable Father’s Day Card?

It is available in my shop. Add them to your cart now!

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  1. Hey! Cute Father’s Day printable but where can I go to print it? I can’t seem to find the link to print it on here. I did sign up for your emails a few weeks ago but have difficulty actually printing anything free. Thanks for the ideas!

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