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Roll a Beetle Dice Math Game

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We love playing math games with dice at our house. We were learning about bugs in science and thought it would be fun to make a game that relates to math and science!  (How many legs does an insect have?) hence, this Roll a Beetle Dice Math game was born!

Roll a Beetle Dice Math Game

It is SO simple to make and to play. Just print out a beetle set for each player and cut them out. You’ll just need one die.

Take turns rolling the dice and build your beetle.

Roll a beetle ~dice math game

Each number you roll gives you a different body part.

If you roll a 1, you get a Body. If you roll a 2 you get a Head. If you roll a 3 you get an Eye. If you roll a 4 you get an Antennae. If you roll a 5 you get the Tail. And if you roll a 6 you get a Leg.

You have to get your body first, though. So you need to roll a one before everything else. It’s such a fun game for number recognition. My kids LOVED it!

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  1. Very cute Karyn! I always LOVE reading your posts. I will definitely use this idea in the spring when we cover insects again. How are you feeling lately? I hope all is well. When are you due again?

  2. What a fun game! The kids cut the bug out and it’s math fun. Love it! I’m pining this to the homeschool link up pinterest board!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us, and for linking up at the homeschool link up.

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