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Roll a Rainbow Preschool Math Game

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One of my favorite preschool themes is rainbows.  What kids don’t love rainbows?  I’ve created a Roll a Rainbow preschool math game for you to use with your little ones. This little printable game is a simple one to play with your preschool or kindergarten aged kids.
Roll a rainbow preschool math game

How to Play the Roll a Rainbow Preschool Math Game

This printable game is probably pretty self explanatory.  To play it you print out one blank rainbow game.  You can also do it in pairs with each player coloring their own paper.
dice rainbow preschool math game
You will need one marker or crayon for each color of the rainbow- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink.
Roll a number, and then find the match to the number on the rainbow and color it in.
roll a rainbow preschool math game with dice
Since there are only 6 sides on a die, I made pink a free roll, meaning you can color it on any of the other numbers rolled. This is perfect to use when they roll a repeat number that they may have already colored.
preschool rainbow theme
Keep playing until the whole rainbow is colored.  If you are doing it in pairs or groups, the first one to complete wins!
The Roll a Rainbow game is a great one to help kids to learn how to recognize their numbers and count the dots on dice if you use a dot one.  It’s also a good for preschool kids still learning their colors or the order of  the rainbow!
One more thing it can help kids learn is to practice coloring between the lines. 🙂
The littler ones will not know the color words, but they can find the matching number on the rainbow.
As you can see, I used a die with the numbers written on. This is good for very young kids to help them with number recognition. The die with dots adds a bit more learning for kids as they will need to learn to count or recognize the dot pattern on the die.

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roll a rainbow printable preschool math game

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  1. What fun! I love to find an activity that is ready to move right in to a learning center, thanks for sharing!! This activity actually, plays nicely off of an activity I have my students complete in the daily calendar folders. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the free printable fact family idea for multiplication. I am a grandmother teaching multiplication to a second generation “my grandson”. He’s in the 4th grade and memorizing the multiplication tables have been frowned upon by his school! I learned that way, our son (his father), also learned by memory. Why the new core math is against memorizing the multiplication table is beyond me! We cannot thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to use your free printables.

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