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Kids With Sleep Problems

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Do any of you have kids with sleep problems? My daughter has the worst time falling asleep at night.  She has trouble getting her mind to turn off at night. Bedtime in our house is around 8:30 pm, but my daughter is often awake until nearly 10pm unable to fall asleep. I know it is related to her struggle with ADHD, so we are always looking for ways to help her relax her mind.  (If you have kids with ADHD see my posts on Natural ADHD Support and Homeschooling with ADHD).  Music has always been something she responds well to. She always wants to have music on and often uses it to help her fall asleep at night.  (This is a sponsored post. I received free product and have been compensated for my time in writing it. All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.) 

Dreampad- music pillow for kids with sleep problems

Then we discovered the Dreampad by Integrated Learning Systems and it has literally changed her bedtime routine.  I was hesitant to review this because I wondered how well it could actually work. I decided that I am willing to try it out if it will help!  I am so glad I did!  The first night she used it she was asleep so quickly!

The Dreampad is a pillow that incorporates music to help with relaxation and sleep. The pillow plays soft, gentle music that only the person sleeping on it can hear. The vibrations of the music replicate the body’s natural vibrations of voice and are carried directly to the inner ear to help you relax and fall asleep easier.  They have done several research studies with the Dreampad pillow. People with ADHD, Autism, PTSD, Anxiety, and other sleep disorders have all been shown to benefit from it.

music pillow for trouble sleeping

It is really amazing how it works! You need a smart device to connect to the pillow. They have an app for both Apple and Android. Once the app is downloaded you connect your phone directly to the pillow and choose the music that you like best. There is a little zipper pocket with a cord to slide your device into.  They have 5 different music options to choose from within the app.  If you do not want the phone connected, you can use their mini bluetooth receiver or a preloaded mp3 player instead. It prevents you from having to keep a phone in your child’s room at night. This was our preference!  They can still control the music on it.

Music pillow for kids with sleep problems

I want to tell you that this pillow worked like a charm for my daughter!  She has been sleeping so much better! When she sleeps better, she is happier and more focused throughout the day. You can set a time for how long you want to the music to keep playing and it will automatically turn off. We set it for 2 hours to ensure she was fully asleep. It has been so wonderful for her. The first morning she used it she came running out to tell me all about it! Now her brothers are begging for one, too! It is definitely not just for kids, though!  I know adults with sleep issues will love it as well!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 5.06.16 AMThere are 4 different size options for the pillows so you can choose your favorite level of fluffiness!  We went with the largest, but there are benefits to the smaller ones as well. If you already have a favorite pillow, you can put the Dreampad underneath your other pillow. The pillow prices range from $159-$179 plus there is an additional cost for any accessories you may want to add on. If you use the discount code MyDreampad you can get 10% off at the time of purchase. They also have a 30-Day money back guarantee in case it does not work out for you.  This is a great way to try it out and see for yourself!

Dreampad is on Facebook and Twitter. Find them and follow along!

Today we are giving away a Dreampad 26 pillow (the largest size) to a reader!  Enter below for your chance to win!

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