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Chinese New Year Unit Study

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We have celebrated the new year in America and next come the Chinese New Year! This year it will be celebrated on February 16th.  I have always loved the Chinese New Year celebrations and traditions. My kids and I enjoy learning about it and doing activities surrounding it!  Today I bring you a Chinese New Year Unit Study that you can use to teach your kids or students about the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Unit Study


Included in this Chinese New Year Unit Study

This Chinese New Year Unit Study is 4 pages long.  One page is about this history, geography and culture of China.  There is a page about dogs in honor of the Year of The Dog, which is this year’s animal sign.  There is a page about three of the landmarks in China.  Then the fourth page is a fill-in-the-blank about the celebrations of Chinese New Year.  It is a colorful, festive printable that kids will enjoy using!

This unit is geared toward upper Elementary level students. It is meant for kids to use and do a bit of research to find some of the answers. Give them an atlas and let them read a bit about China.


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