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Hands-On History Unit Study

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If you follow my blog at all, we are a pretty hands-on learning kind of family. I love dreaming up fun ways to learn, but sometimes I brain gets a little tired of thinking up ALL of the ideas. That is when I turn to awesome resources to help us out. Homeschool in the Woods is probably the best hands-on history resource that I have come across. Their unit study projects are pretty incredible and I know that so much work has gone into creating them. This month we have been working on their brand new Ancient Egypt Project Passport Unit. It is so fun! ( I received this product for free and am being compensated for my time in writing this post. All thoughts and ideas are my own.)

Hands-on History Units- Teach Beside Me

Ancient Egypt Hands-On History

Ancient Egypt has long been one of my favorite subjects to study. I find it fascinating. Also, I have had the chance to go to Egypt, so I have a little bias toward it. 🙂  Thankfully, my kids also enjoy it. There is just not much cooler than mummies and pyramids!  Homeschool in the Woods takes all of the cool parts of history and puts them all together in a unit study that makes learning exciting. This unit is meant for grades 3-8. I have been using it with my 2nd & 4th graders and it is a perfect fit for them. In the Ancient Egypt unit the topics covered are: Everyday life, agriculture, trade, education, clothing, writing, science, art, architecture, religion, government, royalty, archaeology, and even how ancient Egypt fits in to the Bible.

Egypt Hands-on History

This Ancient Egypt hands-on history unit is broken into 25 different “Stops” as they call it. They set the whole thing up to be like a trip. You make a little suitcase and passport. At each stop you read a section about the topic of the day. Then there are different projects and activities to work on related to it. The whole unit is meant to last 8-12 weeks. We have been doing it a few times a week and are only part way through it so far. It has SO much info that you really could use it for a long time!

Project Passport - Ancient Egypt

Included in the Project Passport: Egypt Unit

  • Timeline
  • Games
  • Paper dolls
  • Crafts
  • Recipes
  • Historical newspaper
  • Lapbook
  • Scrapbook
  • Passport
  • Audio Dramas
  • Postcards from historical figures
  • And More!!!

We really loved the recipe book!

Ancient Egypt Recipes

It is pretty cool they way they have set it all up because you really immerse yourself into the topic and learn ALL about it.  Egypt is not the only topic they have a project passport for, though! They also have them on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but Project Passport: Ancient Egypt is chronologically the first in the Project Passport series. Greece and Rome will also be released in the near future. Plus, they have tons of other cool hands-on history units. We got to try one last year and had lots of fun with that as well.

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