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Top Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

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If you are searching for your homeschool language arts curriculum, this is a great place to help you in your search.  Language arts curriculum is an important one.  It’s a subject that everyone wants to get right. Here I have compiled a huge list of the different options.
Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum
I am working on compiling curriculum favorites for each of the various subject areas. If you missed the first post, it was all about science check it out HERE. ( I have also since completed one on Math and History). Today is a round-up of favorite homeschool language arts curriculum: spelling, reading, writing, phonics, and grammar.

There is so much available for homeschoolers that it can tend to be overwhelming. I hope seeing these will help you to narrow down your choices for your family (instead of overwhelm!)

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The Quick Guide to Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum- 10 Tips for Helping you make the best choice for your family

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This list is by no means everything available.  If I am missing you favorite, let me know & I can add it to the list!

Our Favorite Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum:

homeschool language arts curriculum- the good and the beautiful

A favorite all-inclusive program we have been using for a few years now is The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum. It includes spelling, grammar, handwriting and literature. Read my review here.

Spelling Curriculum:

homeschool language arts curriculum- all about spelling
All About Spelling– this one topped the list as a favorite everywhere I asked.  We are using it, too & love it! It is simple to use & fun for kids.
spelling curriculum
phonetic zoo homeschool spelling language arts curriculum


Reading/Phonics Curriculum: 


all about reading- homeschool language arts curriculum

All About Reading– HIGHLY recommended by many.

McRuffy Press They have a Language Arts & Reading program as well as a Spelling/Phonics program. Both look really great.
the bob books- homeschool reading curriculum

Bob Books–  I have been using these books for years with my kids and really like them.  They are great early readers!

reading horizons language arts curriculum

Reading Horizons– A program for learning to read that has software as well as a lot of hands-on teaching materials.
Little Angel Readers– Catholic-based readers that look darling!
reading and phonics homeschool curriculum
Explode the Code– these are fun workbooks that teach phonics and reading in an engaging way. We have been using them for a few years now and my kids always enjoy the lessons.
happy phonics curriculum for homeschool
Happy Phonics– This is a program that teaches through games.  I have heard great things about it from several of my friends.
reading curriculum for homeschool
 I have been using this program all year and LOVE it. My daughter has really excelled with it.
road to reading and writing- language arts homeschool curriculum
Spalding Method (Writing Road to Reading)– I have heard lots about this one… it is popular.
reading eggs homeschool
Reading Eggs– this is a fun website that teaches reading skills to early readers. We have enjoyed using it for several months now.
worldly wise reading and spelling curriculum
Wordly Wise– this is a series of workbooks that teaches vocabulary.



Handwriting Without Tears– a fun handwriting program that we have been using for a few months now with great success!   My Review


Essentials in Writing– DVD’s that teach writing skills for 1st-12th graders. Also includes worksheets to go along with the lessons. A lot of people mentioned that they like this program. Review from My Joy Filled Life.

Winning With Writing– I used this and their grammar program this year for my son. The books are very well done & the price is great!

Writing Strands

Wordsmith Apprentice (pre-writing for grades 4-6)

Homeschool Grammar Curriculum:

Growing With Grammar– I used this with my 2nd grader this year & was very happy with it.
Rod & Staff – Building Christian English seems to be another popular curriculum.

Homeschool Literature Curriculum:

Literature is an important party of any homeschool language arts curriculum.  When you choose and all-inclusive program, you don’t need to worry about this quite as much.  If you want to just read without a curriculum, check out some of my book lists: 50 Must Read Classics for Kids  or the Newbery Medal Books Reading List are both great starting points!
Progeny Press– they have over 100 study guides for literature in all grades.

Sonlight Reading list– they have GREAT books! I have looked there for many ideas for my family.  See my review on the High School Sonlight curriculum.
Ambleside Online Reading List- another favorite site of min to look for great books
Lightning Literature (Middle School & up)
Excellence in Literature (Older grades) this teaches reading and writing through the classics.
Beautiful Feet Books– This is one of my favorites!!  (See my review)

Complete Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum:

homeschool language arts curriculum- all inclusive

Memoria PressMy Review
This is a classical-based curriculum. We have used many of their things & LOVE them! I have been really impressed with this company.

Abeka– this curriculum was mentioned a lot as a favorite. You can buy a full language arts kit, or separate parts of it.
complete homeschool language arts curriculum
The Phonics RoadMy Review– this program teaches reading, phonics and writing all in one. It is pretty impressive!
Character Quality Language Arts review from Thinking Kids– this sounds like a fabulous product and I am excited to look into it more.
homeschool english language arts curriculum
Christian Light Publications– we have used their math program and loved it, now I am seriously considering this one. It looks fantastic!
Learning Language Arts Through Literature– I love the idea of this!

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind– I have read this book & we used it for a bit with my oldest son. It is the classical method of schooling.
And now, I would love to hear what your favorite is!  Did I leave it out?  Tell me in the comments.
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  1. I will have to look into all your links above! I’m surprised not to see Beautiful Feet as a literature curriculum and Memoria Press as a complete curriculum! I think I will be using MP or MFW when my son is older than 2 🙂 lol I try to study all of them 🙂

  2. I’m loving all your curriculum lists! I’m getting great ideas for next year!!! We love All About Spelling also. The price is great and its a very easy program to use. My daughter loves all the manipulatives and add ins in the program. I ordered Winning with Writing and Growing with Grammar for this year and am excited to get started with them. For reading we used Rocket Phonics that isn’t listed here. It is a bit pricey but I got mine used for way less and have been pleased. I’d considered All About Reading also but Rocket Phonics has been good for us. I love how it broke down small lessons and showed kids how they could “read” after just that first lesson. The “secret codes” really helped to get my son interested.

  3. Hello! I have a question about your grammar, spelling, reading, and writing choices. I really liked both of your All About Spelling/Reading suggestions along with your Winning with Writing and Growing with Grammar. I see that they also offer a Soaring with Spelling and Vocabulary book and were wondering why you decided to split them? I like them both and am having a hard time choosing between the two but thought I would ask your first hand experience. Thanks so much! I have really found these useful!!

    1. I am using All About Spelling/Reading for my younger daughter & the Grammar/Writing for my older son. I have not yet tried the spelling & vocab. books from the Growing With Grammar site yet. I don’t really have a reason… just haven’t felt the need for an organized spelling curriculum for him as he got older. 🙂 I guess it depends on your child as far as their levels of learning. I started the All About Spelling with my younger daughter after my son was past that point of learning. I have been so happy with it that I am planning on continuing on with it. Does that make sense?

  4. THANK YOU so much for this – I am a sonlight mom, but we are advanced in reading and need to catch up on the rest of “language arts”. I’m so happy to have found the Winning With Writing (and their spelling) for this coming year. The price is great – I hope it’s a good fit for our family because sonlight’s language arts can be so confusing, especially when we’re at different levels in the various disciplines!

  5. You really should check out the program from Yes Phonics, Phonics for English Reading, Spelling and Writing. This is a course that will take your children all the way from learning how to write to writing complete sentences and familiarize them with thousands of words through recognition of the sounds of words (phonograms) which enables them to spell easily. I have seen great results with my own child.

  6. I am looking into http://www.jennyphillips.com. Found it through a suggestion on a facebook group of homeschool moms. It looks too good to be true! It seems so easy and so well done. I am going to be purchasing for my daughter. I have not seen anyone post this anywhere. It looks like it’s fairly new. Check it out.

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