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Top Homeschool Science Curriculum Picks

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Looking for the top homeschool science curriculum options? If you are new to homeschooling or just looking for something new for your family, you have come to the right place. I have a comprehensive list of ideas here for you!

Homeschool Science Curriculum Top Picks



I have been asking around among the homeschooling circles because I wanted to know the favorite homeschool science curriculum options. I have gotten TONS of great responses on Facebook, homeschool forums, by email and in person. I know it can often be hard to make your decision when it comes to curriculum for homeschooling. I wanted to help you along in your decision making.

I you need some extra help making your choice, check out my e-book: The Quick Guide to Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum. You can find it in my shop!

The Quick Guide to Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum 10 Tips for helping you make the best choice for your family

Teaching science can seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be! If you get a great science program, it can make things so much easier! Many websites also sell science kits to go along with the curriculum to make teaching and doing labs much easier!

Science in homeschool for the elementary grades is often grouped by topic or specific science concepts such as human body, biology, astronomy, physical science, animals, etc. So typically I start by choosing what topic we want to cover that year. This helps me narrow down out choice.



Apologia Science is the biggest winner in this survey. It was mentioned the most often as a favorite. We used this for many years with great success. It is a Christian curriculum.

They have science for all grade levels. Their books work great for kids in elementary and middle school. Their high school levels are great, too!


homeschool science curriculum




More Homeschool Science Curriculum Faves: 


the good and the beautiful homeschool science


The Good and the Beautiful has a growing collection of Science curriculum units. This is our top pick these days. We have used a few of the units the past few years and love them. This is what we are currently using for my elementary-aged kids.

Their units go from elementary through junior high (8th grade). They do not have any high school science yet.



homeschool science curriculum


Elemental Science was mentioned many times as well. They have a variety of things on their site including Preschool curriculum, unit studies, living books, and more.

The more I read, the more impressed I am with this curriculum. We absolutely adore their living science Sassafras books! Read my review!



top science


TOPScience was one I had never heard of, but enjoyed exploring their website. They have experiments and labs on all different subjects for all grades at very reasonable pries.





real science for kids homeschool


Real Science 4 Kids also got several mentions. We have been using the Chemistry pre-level one this year and have had lots of fun with it.



real science odyssey

Real Science Odyssey by Pandia Press has also been mentioned a lot as a favorite. I have a good friend who has been using this one with her kids and raves about it.



Nature Study & Journals is great for those following the Charlotte Mason style of schooling. You don’t use a curriculum, just learn and study science through nature. Often people use the book The Handbook of Nature Study. It is a wonderful one!

Simply Charlotte Mason has a great post on Nature Study: 8 Reasons To Do Nature Study. Also check out the Handbook of Nature Study blog. It is so wonderful to guide you along this path! Check out my printable Nature Study Journal, too.



I heard many good things about Christian Kids Explore by Bright Ideas Press. It sounds like an engaging curriculum!


God’s Design Curriculum is a creation-based curriculum for grades 1-8. It can be used with kids in multiple grades at once. They have all kinds of different topics including: life, heaven & earth, physical world, chemistry & ecology.



Noeo Science is a new one for me, but looks like fun! They have science for kids ages 5-15. It includes living book lists & experiments.



Shining Dawn Books– Have nature study units on all kinds of topics: trees, rocks, fungus, rain, ponds, birds, wildflowers, and more.




Creek Edge Press Task Cards are really tempting me. I may be trying these ones out soon! Each course has cards with discovery-oriented tasks to encourage learning on tons of different topics. They are for grades K – 8.





Biology 101 science is a DVD curriculum from a Biblical perspective. They also have Chemistry & Physics.


Supercharged Science is a hands-on video based curriculum with loads of fun experiments and projects.



Exploring the World of series is a great more advanced series of books. They have smaller books on the topics of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.



What science curriculum are you using? Did I miss your favorite? Leave me a comment & let me know what science you love most.


Looking for some fun hands-on science experiments? Check out some of our past experiments.


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  1. Karyn – This is great information! I remember when I started out homeschooling I had a list of curriculum for all the different subjects that I compiled myself that I wanted to check out. But it was a lot of work and research and I had no opinions from others back then. This is a great resource for all homeschoolers. Are you going to be doing all subjects? I hope so!! 😉

    Thanks for putting this together!

  2. Great post, Karyn!! I’ve looked at several of these and for the summer decided to do the Earth & Space Task cards by Creek Ridge Press– glad to see them on here! Also interested in Real Science!

    Will you poll your followers for Language Arts curriculum?! History?!

  3. Thanks for all of these links. I will check them out as I make my decisions for next year. We do mostly use Apologia here. 🙂 Coming to visit from our Comment Club at the Crew. 🙂 Many blessings, Lisa

  4. Thanks for this great list! You know I’m of the Charlotte Mason influence for science in the early years, but I do plan to add formal curriculum in a few years so it’s nice to have some ideas to research.

  5. We aren’t using formal science curricula yet, but I’ve heard and seen great things about Apologia. (I’ve gotten to look at a few of their textbooks.) Thanks for putting together this list!

  6. Awesome list! We have loved Apologia! My daughter did Anatomy last year and Swimming Creatures this year. Next year, she will do Land Animals. She’s really against doing the Flying Animals as she is disgusted by bugs. LOL!

  7. I just came across a subscription science kit for preschoolers. Monthly themed activities are delivered to your home with all the supplies and guides. My 3 year old daughter loved her first one. It had 4 activities in the box so each day she asks if it is Blast day. I will definitely get a subscription. Check out http://www.littleblast.com

  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My 9th grader is doing Apologia this year and hates it. I have been searching for a new science curriculum for her (well, a whole new program for her) , and you have given me SO many ideas to look into. I am loving the Top Science idea. We might be able to pick a few topics each year that interest her instead of a big text book. Although, Elemental Science classical series looked pretty good too (I was disappointed they didn’t have a logical stage Physics though).

    Lots of stuff my younger boys would like as we’ll.

  9. This was exactly what I needed! I immediately fell in love with Elemental Science & ordered the PDF right away for “Intro to Science.” Exactly what I was looking for!!!

  10. I am trying to find a science curriculum for my 9th grader to do. We currently have Alpha Omega Lifepac Science. I am feeling this is not going to be very enjoyable for her. She is one that likes things to be fun/and enjoyable. Hand’s on type. She’s interested in drawing/art, cooking. Please I’m in need of help. Tanks

  11. We are in the elementary levels, so we piece together our own experiments and projects together with Kiwi Crate and SciShow Kids and Crash Course Kids (SciShow and Crash Course are both YouTube channels and I believe are related. Their older counterparts have everything from World History to Psychology, Philosophy, Engineering, Science, etc).

  12. We did Apologia General Science with our 5th grader (he wanted to work with his older sibling) and Apologia Physical Science for 6th. General Science was pretty tough and on the dry side, but thorough. Physical Science seemed much more enjoyable. We also purchased the instructional DVD and the kit for experiments, which was a huge help. We did Monarch (7th grade General Science) online last year. It was fine, but I felt out of the loop and he felt isolated, so we are going back to book studies so we can “be on the same page” easier. Now, I’m at a loss as to what he should study this year. I expect he will go back to public school next year and study Biology. I thought Earth and Space made sense for this year, but I’m not sure which would be best. I’d love to find something where he would watch an instructor on DVD (as science is not my forte), read the chapter, do experiments, have review work that opens discussions and tests that I grade.

  13. Tops Science was one of our favorites. I loved that many of the activities also had material kits you could purchase. Saved me running around looking for a bit of this and a bit of that!

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