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Magnet Boats and More Science Fun!

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Learn how we made and played with these fun milk cap magnet boats.
We have been given Supercharged Science to review the past month and have really been having a blast with it! They have an entire e-science curriculum for all grades of teaching.
This program can be used on its own as a full curriculum or right along side whatever science you are using. They even have a conversion chart for many popular science curriculum programs to help you use this right along with your favorite! It can be used for all grades at once and tailored for each child’s level by adding more or less to it.
There are over 1,000 different projects, activities, and experiments!!  There are units on motion, energy, matter, sound, mechanics, biology, magnetism, and more (19 in all so far, with more coming).

How to Make Milk Cap Magnet Boats

Here is one of our favorites that we have done a few times already~ Magnet Boats made from milk caps! These have been such a hit at our house and they are so simple to put together.
You just hot glue magnets on the top of milk caps and play with them in a pan of water with a larger magnet or a magnet wand. You can move them around from the outside of the pan or in the water. My kids love it!

See more of my Magnet Science Activities:

We have also had fun making a homemade pulley from a spool & wire hanger & lighting leaves on fire with a magnifying glass!
The best way to teach science is by starting with the FUN stuff first. Do the fun experiments and get them really excited, then they will want to know: Why??? This is your chance to dig in deeper and explain the concepts. But, let them play with science first.  You can cater to each child’s learning style with this program.
This is exactly what we have been doing with the program. We dug in and did experiments. Many times my son did want to know more and we read more about it. There is so much information on the website that it can almost get overwhelming. But, you don’t have to do it all. Just take it slow and teach the things that delight your children.
What you get with a subscription to the e-Science program:
  • Lessons that kids can complete on their own or with a parent.
  • Video instruction taught by a rocket scientist!
  • Textbook readings to teach concepts
  • Quizzes and practices exercises
  • Unlimited support for teachers and students
  • Fun step-by-step videos for each experiment
  • Curriculum that exceeds most state standards
  • Teacher/Parent guide for teaching & lesson plans
The Supercharged e-Science program is a complete online curriculum for kids in grades K-12. It sells for $37.00/ month for the K-8 section and $57.00/month for the 9-12 section. As a typical subscriber you get access to the first 7 units, plus additional sections like “The Scientific Method”. However, if there is ever a unit that you want, if you email them, they’ll give you access to it right away. That way if you are studying a certain topic, you can have it as needed!
Try out the first month for free and see what you think! They have also offered our readers a FREE science activity video & activity manual if you sign up for their mailing list. 


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