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Animal Magnet Face Drawings

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Learn how to make your own animal magnet face drawings!  This STEAM Education activity is super duper cool, and not very hard at all.  This project is a great Science Art combo.

Magnets are fun to play with and cool to learn about, too!  In this activity you get to design your own animals or faces and then draw on them with iron filings.  Iron filings are tiny pieces of the metal iron. They are great to use in magnet experiments because they are small and easy to move around.  You can make all kinds of pictures with these iron filings. We created a lion and a poodle.

What original art will you invent? 


This cute project was an idea I created for my Science Art book. However, it did not make the cut!  I always have to produce more projects than will be in the final product. So there are always project that get cut. It’s just part of the process. I’m not sad about it, though because now I just get to share it with you.  I really loved they way these fun little guys turned out. I hope you enjoy creating them!


Want more Science Art Projects?  Be sure to check out my book: Science Art & Drawing Games for Kids. 

Supplies Needed for the Animal Magnet Face Drawings:

Cardboard or foam board
Zipper plastic bag
Colored Duct Tape
Iron Filings
Magnets– we love using magnet wands for so many projects!

How to Make the Animal Face Magnet Drawings:

Using a square of cardboard or foam board, draw an animal, a face, or other design with markers on the square.

Place the drawing into a plastic bag that closes with a zipper.

Pour magnet filings into the bag.  You will only want a small amount, not much more than a tablespoon or so.  If you do too much, it’s harder to draw with them. Seal the bag and press as much air out as you can. 

Fold the bag over and tape the extra parts of the bag onto the back side of the drawing.

Use a magnet to draw with the magnet filings. Add hair to the lion’s made or the poodle’s fur.  Try other drawings of animals and faces!

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