Bathtub Bottle Rocket

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You know the fun bottle rocket experiment you can do with baking soda and vinegar?  We tried a really fun variation on that this past week. We made a bathtub bottle rocket that actually moves through the water.  It is so easy to make, so save your bottles.

Bathtub Bottle Rocket


To make it you need baking soda, vinegar, an empty soda or water bottle, a straw and something to seal the straw.  I somehow happened to be out of regular vinegar, (probably because of all of the experiments we do with it) so I used red wine vinegar and it still worked great!

supplies for bathtub bottle rocket

Using a sharp pair of scissors or an ice pick, poke a hole in the side, bottom part of the bottle. Insert the straw into the bottle and seal it with tape or clay so that air and water do not escape through the hole.

Bottle rocket in the bath

Fill up the bathtub about half way. Pour some vinegar into the bottle (about 1/4 to 1/2 cup should do.  In a square of toilet paper, scoop a tablespoon of baking soda into the center and fold it up. When you are ready to let the rocket go, drop the baking soda packet into the bottle and shake. Place it into the tub with the straw pointing into the water.  The bubbles from the reaction will make the bottle rocket move across the tub!

My kids did this bathtub bottle rocket a LOT of times.

Tip: If it isn’t sitting down low enough in the water, add a couple of marbles into the bottle to add weight.

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