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25 Water Science Experiments and Activities!

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Water is something we can all get our hands on.  Following are 25 wonderful water science experiments and activities you can use in your teaching.  These are great for extra warm days outside in the summer, or inside at any time of year.  There is something about learning with water that gets kind excited!


1. Rising Water Science Experiment

This is a cool experiment that makes the water rise into the glass!  It’ll wow your kids.

water science- rising water experiment


2. Water Chemistry Experiment with at Home Water Testing

Test your water with and at-home water testing kit.  It’s fascinating to see what’s in the water near you.

Water science experiment - water chemistry


3.  Water Striders: Insect Science

This fun water experiment demonstrates how insects can glide on water.

water science with insects


4. Dry Ice Bubbles

Use dry ice, water & soap to make these amazing dry ice bubbles!  This is the ultimate water science activity!

water science with dry ice bubbles


5. Water Science: Water Pump Sprinkler

This fun water science activity demonstrates how a sprinkler or a water pump work

water pump water science activity


6. Water Drop Maze

This is just all around fun!


7. Homemade Water Clock: Ancient Science

Did you know they used water clocks to tell time anciently?  This is a cool history and science lesson in one.

water clock


8. Rainbow Walking Water Experiment

This is a classic water experiment that everyone loves!

walking water science


9. Preschool Counting: How Many Drops to Fill the Dot?

Math and science with water? Yes, please!

water science and math


10. Dissolving Science Experiment- What Dissolves in Water?

Learn what things dissolve in water. This is a great water science activity for your littler ones.

water science: Dissolving


11. Colored Convection Currents Science Experiment

This water science experiment is cool and colorful!  Watch conviction currents at work in colored water.

water science- convection currents


12. Science Art: Alcohol and Watercolor Painting

You know I love pairing science with art!  This project also involves watercolor painting. It’s beautiful & fun!

watercolor science art


13. How to Make Oobleck: Water + Cornstarch

Mix water with cornstarch in this awesome sensory science activity.

cornstarch and water science


14. Homemade Thermometer Science Experiment

Did you know you can make your own thermometer? This is a neat weather science activity that will fascinate everyone!

water science homemade thermometer


15. Homemade Straw Glasses

Ok so maybe we used juice, but it would work with water, too!  These are so much fun to make with your kids! Learn the science behind how the liquid comes up through the straw, too.

water science straw glasses


16. Homemade Toy Rubber Band Boats

Wind up boats are the perfect water learning activity.

water science paddle boats


17. Submarine Science

Make your own mini submarine in this water science activity!

water science submarines


18. Magnet Boats

These simple little boats are a great water learning and play activity for kids.

water science magnet boats


19. Environmental Science: Oil Spill Clean Up Experiment

Learn about keeping our ocean water clean with this oil spill clean-up activity.


20. Water Filtration Experiment

This is a great activity to learn about how water filters work.

21. Sink or Float Water Science

I don’t have photos of this activity, but it’s a fun and easy one to do anytime. Gather some small objects- coin, rock, plastic toys, screws, beads, sticks, etc…  Fill up the sink, or a large bowl with water.  Before putting the objects into the water, have your child divide the objects out on the paper with the words Float, Sink according to their predictions.    After you test them in the water have your child draw or write them onto the graph.  You could easily make this chart reusable by laminating it.  Click above on the picture to download the chart.


22. Water Xylophone

Make water music!  We love this water learning and play activity.


Make music with water by making your own Water Xylophone!  Fill up several glasses with water to make different notes.  We tried to play a song on the glasses.  Make it more interesting by coloring the water rainbow colors!

23. Simple Science: Making a Solar Still

Filter water using the sun!

24. Blooming Paper Flowers

This little experiment is so much fun!  Watch these paper flowers bloom in water!

25. Rain Painting

Use paper plates without a coating, and sprinkle a few colors of powdered tempera paint on them- just a small amount.  Put the plates out into the rain and let it drizzle on it- Not too much rain or it will all just wash off.  Bring the plates out of the rain and let them dry.  Dump off excess water.  When dry, we turned them into little umbrellas.  It was a really fun project.  I have also used food coloring and liquid watercolors to paint in the rain- if you don’t have powdered paint.
Have fun learning, experimenting and exploring with water!!


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  1. Lots of great ideas! I might have to try the water bottle idea. We have done the sink or float experiement here and the other day I found my son in the bathroom with a fork-he said he was playing sink or float. Lol.

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