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Homemade Toy Rubber Band Boats

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There is nothing more fun than a little toy boat that actually moves in water. Today I want to show you how to make some homemade rubber band boats.

Toy Rubber Band Boats

This week for the Weekly Virtual Book Club for kids, the theme is boats. The book this week that we are focusing on is Toy Boat by Randall de Save. It is an adorable book!  My little son loved it and couldn’t WAIT to make his own toy boats.

This boat toy is different than the boat in the story, but we had so much fun making our rubber band boats and watching them go around the bath tub. We want to try them out in a pool or pond and do some serious races!

How to Make the Rubber Band Boats:

You will need some cardboard, scissors, a marker, colored duct tape, and rubber bands. Easy supply list, right?  Hopefully you already have these things on hand. It’s fun to make them in a variety of colors.

Draw your boat shape on the cardboard similar to the above image. It looks like a little house and a door. Save the square you cut out to use as the paddle.

You will need to cut the square smaller on all sides so it will easily flip around inside the boat. Keep in mind that you will be coving them with tape, so the width will grow again!

rubber band paddle boats

We had to trim a few of our paddles again after we wrapped them with tape. Cover the entire boats and paddle pieces with tape making sure to cover all edges, too. If water gets inside, they get soggy really quickly!

Put a rubber band around the boat and place the paddle piece between the rubber band. Twist it up. You will need to twist going away from the boat or the boat moves backwards.

homemade rubber band paddle boats

Now let them go in your tub!  We made a few because the kids wanted to all have their own favorite colors to play with and we needed to have some boat races, of course!

Watch Them Go!


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