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Beach and Bay: Geography Projects A to Z

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Today I have a beach and bay geography project to share with you. We created a model of these two geographical features combined.
My sister and I are working together with our kids to do projects through the book of Geography from A to Z by Jack Knowlton.  We are picking a project for each letter and creating them in a fun hands-on way to help our children remember what these terms mean.
Last month we started out letter A with Archipelago and Atoll.  This month we created a Beach and a Bay geography project for the letter B. It was another fun and memorable project.
We decided to do boys against girls this time- that way we could do one pink and one blue.  I had some colored sand and my sister had some big cardboard pieces that we used to make our project.
geography project- making a beach and bay

After reading to them about the beach and bay in the book, we also looked at a few real pictures online.  Then I gave the kids some watered down glue to paint a bay on their board using foam brushes.

beach and bay geography project model for kids

After they painted it in the shape they wanted, we sprinkled on the sand. We did two different board, one for the girls and one for the boys. They had to use different colors, of course!

beach and bay geography model

They had lots of fun creating their beach and bay geography projects!
We finished it all off by decorating the board with a few details to mark what they were- trees, waves and we labeled the beach and the bay portions of the model.
I think they did a great job!

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