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Spill the Beans Math Game – Free Printable

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As you may know if you have followed me a while, we like to play math games in our house. I have a new printable math game to share with you today. The Spill the Beans math game is great for practicing addition & subtraction or even multiplication!

How to Play The Spill the Beans Math Game:

To play, you will need to first print a copy of the game board. I laminated mine, (Obviously not essential, but it makes the game last longer!) You need 2 or 3 dried beans, paper & pencil, and a small cup.


To play, place the beans in a small cup and dump them onto the game board. Whatever 2 numbers they land on, you add or multiply them together.  Then you subtract the total of that number from 50.  Each player takes a turn and you continue to subtract from 50 until someone reaches zero first.

The Spill the Beans Math Game is available FREE to download.


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