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Teach Beside Me Membership Site

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I have HUGE news! I have been working my little butt off this year to bring you guys something brand new. Something that I cannot wait to show you. I FINALLY  have it ready for you to peek at. But you can’t have it just yet.  Sorry to be a tease!  Today, I am just giving you all of the juicy details about my shiny new Teach Beside Me Membership Site.

teach beside me membership site

What is in the Teach Beside Me Membership Site?

Are you a teacher, a homeschooler, a parent?  Do you need more time in your day? (Don’t we all?) Then let me tell you how I am going to make your life a little easier.  My Membership Site will give you access to tons of great teaching activities that will make your lessons so much more fun! You will be everyone’s favorite teacher. 🙂  But, the best part is that you do not have to do the work to create them. It is all done for you! (You just need a printer.)

teach beside me membership site categories

The new Teach Beside Me Membership Site give you access to EVERY SINGLE PRINTABLE I have ever made!

All of them.

All in one place.

For one low price! It is really a steal of a deal.

I have been blogging for 9 years now and in that time I have made a LOT of printables.  There is a huge amount of content over there.

teach beside me membership site printables

The site will be live on January 15th, but you can still look around a little now.

There are 3 membership tiers. You can pay monthly ($12), yearly ($120), or one lifetime payment ($500). There is also a 1 week free trial in case you want to just check it out a little bit. The free trial is limited access and you do not get to see everything there, but you can get an idea of some of the things offered.

There is an awesome bonus that comes with the Lifetime Membership. You get 1 free custom printable order that I will create based on your request!  Cool, right?!  I am really excited about it.

Want a Discount?

During the first week of sales, I have limited number of coupons to use for the first ones to buy. The first 50 to purchase the monthly membership will get $2 off.  The first 25 to purchase the yearly membership will get $20 off. And the first 10 to purchase the yearly membership will get $50 off! I will email those codes out to you first thing on Monday the 15th.

Now for some even more exciting news . . .

I am going to give away 5 lifetime memberships to my readers.  But I am going to make you do a tiny bit of work to win. This giveaway will work different from any of the others I have ever done. I want to hear your story. I want to know why you want or need to win. I am going to read your story and make a decision based on the responses I receive, so put some thought into it!

How do you enter the giveaway?  Send me an email with the heading “Membership Site Giveaway Entry”. Tell me your story. What will you use the membership site for?  How will winning it bless your life?  My email address is karyn@teachbesideme.com.  I seriously can’t WAIT to hear from you!!  Entries are due by 5 pm MST on Friday January 12th. Winners will be announced Monday morning when the cart opens for sales.


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