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The Animal Guessing Game

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My 13-year-old son knows more about animals than most adults and he has since he was three. When the other kids ask me questions about animals, I send them to him! He is obsessed with animals and has been reading everything he could get his hands on about animals since he could read (which was at the age of three!) When he was young, he used to challenge people to see if they could guess the animal he was thinking of.  He ended up turning it into an official game that he calls The Animal Guessing Game.  We play it often as a family when we want to fill a little time.

The animal guessing game

A few months ago, my son had to make a game for a scouting merit badge and decided he should turn his animal guessing game into a real game that you could print and play with others. He made it all entirely on his own and printed it out to take to scout camp.  He did an amazing job and I am so proud of his hard work!  I told him I would sell it on my site and give him all of the profit that we make from it.  So, this post is in honor of my amazing 13-year-old son.

How to Play the Animal Guessing Game:

The animal guessing game is a set of cards. There are three levels of cards: easy, medium and hard.  They are color coded. Easy is green, medium is yellow and hard is red.  You choose an animal from the deck and the other players haver to guess your card by using yes and no questions.

animal guessing game

There are a couple of cards with questions guides on them to help kids come up with questions to ask. Some ideas are color, habitat, size (is it bigger than. . . ), animal class and diet.

If someone guesses an animal they can keep that card and choose the next one.

The animal guessing game

This is a really fun way to help kids learn about different animals, animal classes and habitats.  My kids have a blast playing this game.

The game includes 16 cards for each level (easy, medium, & hard) with a total of 48 different animals.

This is available in my shop. All proceeds of this product go to my son’s college fund. 🙂  Grab them now!

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