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Microscope for Kids: Guessing Game

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If you need a creative way to teach about microscopes for kids, try this microscope guessing game!  This activity is great for younger kids and older kids!


Microscopes for Kids: guessing game


Microscopes are incredible inventions that allow us to see items magnified by large amounts. This lets us see more detail and learn more about the makeup of these items. Microscopes work by using curved lenses and light. When the light source passes through the lens it bends the image of the object making it appear larger to our eyes. This is called magnification.

For this activity you and your young scientists are going to use the microscope to magnify things that you collect. You can then either draw or print the images you see under the microscope and turn them into a fun guessing game!

Supplies for the Microscope Guessing Game

Microscope – We used this wireless digital microscope It’s a great little pocket microscope that can connect to your computer or phone with a USB cord. It’s equipped with an LED light and a digital camera!

Colored pencils
Tweezers- for small items
Paper- to print or draw pictures
Various items to magnify (ideas below)
Printer (if using a digital microscope)
Blank Slides (if desired)

Set up your lab!

Collect some specimens to view under the microscope.  You can choose nature items, fabric, food, insects, toys, coins, or any other specimen that might look interesting.

We magnified the following items: denim, a feather, a mushroom, a piece of yarn, a finger, a piece of bark, a raspberry, leaves, a piece of felt, a potato chip, various types of moss. Let the kids do  some creative exploration and see what they come up with!

Check out some of the images:













What Are the Best Microscopes for Kids? 

We have had a few different ones over the years.  There are many types of microscopes with various magnification levels.  You can find a basic beginner microscope for younger children that is really durable. You can get a student microscope which is a great classroom microscope kit. These have a higher magnification, come with pre-made microscope slides and accessories & usually have a stronger metal frame. We have one of them and it’s lasted us many years. Some are battery-powered (not my favorite), and some plug in.

Basically just look at your budget and your needs, and see what you can find!   There are so many options to choose from.

Microscope Guessing Game:

Place an item under the microscope.  Look through the eyepiece and record what you see.  Digital microscopes are really cool for this project, but it can also be done with a regular one.  If you have a digital microscope, take a picture of the view under the microscope.  

Draw or print the images you see under the microscope. Either way they are beautiful!  

microscope game for kids

Use the drawings or printed pictures and turn them into a guessing game. How many objects can your friends or family guess correctly? 

These images could also be turned into a framed collage of art! 

Books About Microscopes for Kids:

Greg’s Microscope is a cute one for young kids.

Adventures with a Microscope is great for kids a little older.

The World of the Microscope is another useful book!

This idea came about as I was working on my book: Science Art and Drawing Games for Kids.  It’s full of amazing science art teaching ideas!

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