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90 Fun Activities for Teens

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Are you looking for some fun things to keep your teen or young adult busy and out of trouble? This mega list of 90 fun activities for teens is a great way to keep them busy in the summer, on the weekend, during holiday breaks, or any time they need to fight their boredom. These ideas can help them have more quality time with family or friends.

90 fun activities for teens

My kids are growing up. I have more teens than little ones now.  So we are hosting a lot of teen parties and activities these days. There is nothing like bored teenagers. They tend to do things that aren’t the smartest if you know what I mean. ;).

Teens are always looking for a new way to have a great time. Here are some great ideas that will hopefully help your teens limit social media or other screen time.  Use this list of ideas, encourage your kids to invite their best friend, a group of friends or even younger siblings along for the fun. Most of these ideas are fun for the whole family!

At Home Activities for Teens:

There are plenty of things teens can do at home with little to no expense. If it’s a rainy day or you just want to stay close to home, this is a great list of indoor activities.

Have a board game night- Monopoly anyone?

Jigsaw puzzle night

Host a mystery dinner party.

DIY Escape Room

Play some card games

Make a time capsule

Have a cooking competition and pretend you are on the food network.

Make homemade ice cream.

Create your own YouTube channel highlighting your special talents.

Learn a new life skill like sewing, crocheting, or knitting.

Make a vision board or life bucket list.

Bake a new recipe.

Learn a new skill such as woodworking, car repairs, or plumbing.

Bake a cake or cookies.

Have a movie marathon or binge watch your favorite series.

Host a fashion show, or do a fashion show at a thrift store.

Have an at home spa day.

Have a chocolate fondue party.

Play blindfolded pictionary.

Have an impromptu dance party.

Play Minute to Win it games.

Try some fun make up tutorials from YouTube.

Have a homemade pizza night.

Rearrange your bedroom.

Do a workout together.

Write a song.

Try some scrapbooking.

Make a lip-syncing music video.

Write letters to friends or relatives.

Read aloud passages of your favorite books to each other.

Write acrostic poems with each others names.

Try a painting tutorial from YouTube.

Make and serve dinner to your family members.

Play music, have a jam session (piano, guitar, ukulele, etc).

Learn to play bucket drums.

Have a photo shoot.

Try a fun science experiment.

Sing karaoke.

Try learning a new language.

Make some flavored popcorn.

Make friendship bracelets.

Look up group party games and find some fun ideas!

Make slime.

Make homemade gifts for friends or family members.

Write and illustrate your own comic books.

Listen to some new podcasts.

Try out a new craft project.


teen boredom

Around Town Activities for Teens:

Our communities have a lot to offer!  See what’s available in your town to keep your teens busy and entertained.

Take a local classes or lessons- cooking, pottery, gardening, painting, etc.

Serve at a local food bank.

Go to a concert.

Visit an escape room.

Visit the bowling alley for a game.

Visit local museum, zoo or aquarium.

Do a scavenger hunt around town or at the mall.

Go to an amusement park.

Visit a historical site.

Go to a book signing.

Try a new restaurant.

Check out local library programs and events.

Go out for ice cream or flavored sodas.

Serve your neighbor~ see what needs they might have and help them out.

Attend a city council meeting.

Go to an arcade.


Outdoor Activities for Teens: 

If your teen likes adventures or physical activity, these outdoor activities should keep them busy and occupied!

Glow night- get some glow sticks, glowing face paint, black lights, dress in white or neon, graffiti with highlighters and have a glow night!

Host an outdoor movie night- project onto a sheet or screen in your backyard.

Set up a backyard obstacle course.

Go rock climbing.

Fly kites or drones.

Visit local national parks or state parks.

Play pickle ball, tennis, volleyball, soccer or basketball at your local park.

Find an outdoor concert with live music.

Go ice blocking down a big hill.

Play a game of frisbee golf or ultimate frisbee.

Go on a mini road trip (an hour or two away).

Go swimming.

Go on a bike ride together.

Go star gazing.

Roast marshmallows.

Tie-dye t-shirts or bags.

Paint canvas shoes~ get your creativity flowing and paint some shoes!

Go fishing.

Go hiking.

Hammock Party- go to a park or forest with lots of trees and hang your hammocks together.

Go on a picnic.

Go roller skating.

Try Geocaching.

Play some yard games: croquet, corn hole, bocci ball, slam ball, etc

Have a water fight. Get water guns, hoses, sponges, water balloons , buckets, and whatever else you can think of!  This is great for a hot summer day.

Do some sidewalk chalk drawings. (Look up Chalk the Block for some extraordinary ideas!)

Paint rocks to leave on local trails.

Play some classic outdoor games.

Try some nature photography! Bring your camera along on any of these adventures and take pictures along the way.

Get up early to watch the sunrise, or find a fun place to watch the sunset.

Host a neighborhood block party.

Do yoga in a new location.

Go boating.

Go skateboarding in the neighborhood, or at a skate park.

Go ice skating.

Play street hockey on roller skates.


Well, you made it to the end of this mega list of fun activities for teens!  Hopefully you found something to interest those teens of yours.  Let me know in the comments what your teen’s favorite activities are.

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