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How to Make Slime ~ The Best and Easiest Recipe

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Want to know how to make slime? It’s really easy and one of my kids favorite things to do!  We have made and shared a lot of edible slimes over the years, I also have a fun and easy floam recipe on my site. This slime recipe is our old favorite and an update from one of my oldest posts on the site!  I figured it was time for a re-fresh of old pictures. 🙂 This is the easiest slime recipe. Plus it is SUPER stretchy, and lasts a good long time.

how to make the best slime ever

How Is Slime Educational?

Now moms, if you are reading this and wondering why in the world anyone would want to make slime, hear me out!  Or, if you are wondering if there is really anything to learn from it, read on.

easy slime recipe

Slime can definitely be a learning activity.  When you make slime you can learn about chemical reactions, polymers and non-newtonian fluids (Oobleck is another non-newtonian fluid).

Slime is an awesome sensory activity for kids, too. Some kids thrive with something in their hands to knead and mold as they read or listen.

I know it can get messy and stuck to things~ believe me, we have been there, but I think the mess is worth it (sometimes)!

How to Make Slime

Slime Ingredients:

Warm Water
Elmers Glue ~ We buy it by the gallon for slime making
Food Coloring
Glitter, if you are brave!  😉
Two Bowls
slime ingredients
In one bowl, mix:
1  1/2 c. very warm water
2 c. glue
food coloring (as much or little as you want)
In another bowl:
1  1/3 c. very warm water
2 tsp borax (this is found in the laundry aisle at the grocery store).
Mix the borax into the water until it is dissolved.
how to make slime with borax
Combine the two bowls and mix until combined. It starts to thicken. Discard the extra liquid after it is all mixed together. This makes a really big batch of slime. We like to split it into two bowls and make it into two colors.  Once the slime is mixed well, add in some glitter.  So if you are wanting a smaller slime batch, definitely cut this recipe in half.
how to make slime with borax

Fun Ways to Play It

Mix and swirl the colors.
Easiest slime recipe with borax
Stretch It!
Blow Bubbles!
slime bubbles
Blow BIGGER bubbles!
blowing slime bubbles

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Want some more awesome slime ideas?  Check out the Ultimate Slime Guide by my friend Sarah over at Little Bins for Little Hands. She does ALL kinds of amazing slime things over there!

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