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Shiny Pot of Gold Slime

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Slime. You either love it or hate it, am I right?  We are slime lovers over at our house and today I want to show you a stunning gold slime that my kids are obsessed with.

With St. Patrick’s Day heading near, I though it would be fun to make a slime to go with the holiday!  We made some pot of gold slime to celebrate.

stretching gold slime

But slime, is more than just a fun activity. There is really a ton of learning involved.  I’ll share the science behind the slime after we make it.

Gold slime is so fun to make as it is really just a beautiful slime!

Watch the Slime Video:

Gold Slime Ingredients:

1 6 oz Bottle of Gold Glitter Glue (Elmers works best.)
1 and 1/2 teaspoons of Baking Soda
1 tablespoon of Contact Solution
Gold Sequins
Green Beads (optional but makes it more St. Patrick’s Day themed!)

How to Make the Pot of Gold Slime

How to make gold slime - steps

Use a large mixing bowl.  Pour the whole bottle of glue into the bowl.

Next add baking soda and contact solution.  Stir quickly to combine.  And in gold your gold sequins as you are stirring the slime.

how to make gold slime steps

Mix and knead the slime until it is combined well.

You can start mixing with a spoon or spatula, but once it is mostly combined, feel free to dig your hands in and finish the mixing process!

make gold slime St Patrick's day

Now it’s time to let kids play!  Stretch it and squeeze it and have fun mixing in more sequins or adding in some green beads if you want.

gold st patricks day slime

Let the kids press green beads as “shamrocks” into the slime to make it feel St’ Patrick’s Day themed.

st patricks day slime pot of gold

The Science Behind the Slime

If slime is not your favorite, don’t just dismiss it as something that’s just messy but not educational.  When you make slime, There is a lot of learning that can happen!

Slime is a chemical reaction. The glue used to make s lime is a polymer, meaning it is a large chain of repeating molecules linked together.  Adding in an activator, in this case the contact solution which contains boric acid, interlinks the molecules to make them long and stretchy.

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