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80+ At Home and Online Learning Ideas

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Have you found yourself suddenly homeschooling?  Or, maybe you are teacher needing resources for distance learning?  There are many different reasons, but if you are there, don’t panic!  There are so many amazing resources online and that you can easily do from home.  Today I have complied a huge list of at home and online learning ideas to help you out.at home and online learning websites

Things are all in chaos in the world right now.  I know may schools have been closing everywhere due to the Coronavirus.  Since I have been  homeschooling for over a decade, I thought I would put together some at home and online learning ideas.

This is for those of you who suddenly have your kids at home with you and have no idea what to do with them! But this is also for all of you who have been doing it for a while!  These are great resources recommended by homeschooling moms and public school teachers.

A few important tips for those figuring this new thing out

See my whole Homeschool Support Category.

  1. Set a school schedule.  You kids need to know that during these hours you are doing learning. It makes everything better when there are boundaries, I promise!
  2. Be flexible.  School at home is never going to be just like school at school.  Let your kids do things in the order they want.  Let them read a little longer or experiment a little longer. If one subject gets missed one day, that’s ok, just keep pushing through the next day.
  3. Stay calm, if you can.  It’s going to be a big change for everyone. The house will be messier and noisier than normal. You’ll have less time for you. Everyone will feel out of sorts for a bit. But, you’ll get into a rhythm and things will be ok.

Just starting out with at home or online learning?

If you are new to teaching kids at home, I am sure you have a million questions and concerns.  Stop by and listen to my Called to Homeschool Podcast for beginner advice on homeschooling.

I also have so many posts on my sire about teaching every subject. We’ve tried it all through the years, so do a little search in the search bar for what you need and you’ll likely find something to help!

On my site I have a lot of math games and activities, tons of hands-on science experiments and projects, reading and spelling games & printables, history & geography ideas, art projects, preschool activities, and more!

Here are a few simple things to get you started:

Use your library, your kindle or audible!

See my post with Favorite Learning Apps

Also my post with Online Typing Lessons

My post on Educational TV Shows for Kids and also my post on Educational YouTube Channels will both also be helpful.

Online Learning sites for homeschool or after school

Online Learning Sites for Kids

This is a great big list of websites for online learning or that offer downloads of lesson plans.  If you are in a hurry to get going, just getting started homeschooling, doing distance learning, or need something to teach the kids while you work from home, all of these online learning websites will help you get going!

Online Learning Sites with a Variety of Subjects:

  • BrainPop– my kids love this site!
  • Adventure Academy– a huge favorite with my kids!
  • Rozzy Learning– project based and career infused lessons for every subject
  • Khan Academy– a favorite for many for math, but has many other subjects as well!
  • IXL.com– online learning for pre-k through 12th grade in math, language arts, science, social studies, more
  • The Good and the Beautiful is our favorite Homeschool curriculum.  They have FREE PDF downloads of many of the levels of their language arts. They also have history & science, typing, art & more!
  • All In One Homeschool– This is all free and has all subjects for K- high school!
  • Well Educated Heart– another favorite site of mine!  They have compiled free public domain books for all different subjects. It is a goldmine of information! She even has an awesome podcast.
  • Freedom Homeschool– amazing site with a collection of Free homeschooling resources by subject
  • Study Island– various subjects for K-12
  • Time 4 Learning– all grades, all subjects- basically a comprehensive online curriculum
  • Twinkl– Pre-k-5th grade many subjects
  • Schoolhouse Teachers– All subjects all grades- an awesome site with a members forum, lesson plans, schedule planner, and more!
  • K-12 online– a full online school

Online Learning for History & Geography

My History Resources

Online Learning Ideas for Math

My Math Resources

Online Learning Ideas for Science

My Science Resources


Online Learning Ideas for Reading/ Language Arts

My Language Arts Resources

Music & Art Resources:

My Art Resources

Foreign Language


Physical Education:


Have favorites that were not mentioned?  Please leave them in the comments. We would all love to know about them!

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