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Have you been searching for a fabulous way for your kids to learn a new language? If you would like something that lets them interact with native speakers and have private tutor sessions with them, you should definitely check out the Homeschool Spanish Academy!
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This is our second opportunity to work with them and do a review for their program. We did it last summer and have had the chance, the past month to do another set of lessons through their program.
Homeschool Spanish Academy is an online program that gives high quality one-on-one instruction to your students in the comfort of your own home. The lessons are all done through Skype and you schedule your own sessions with the instructors of your choice. The instructors are all professional and EXCELLENT! There are programs for all levels of learning from Elementary-aged kids through Adults. You can also choose to have your two of your kids take lessons together at the same time. In order to do the lessons, you have to have Skype, a high-speed internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam.
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I enrolled my 8-year-old son in the Early Language Program for elementary learners (ages 5-12).  They recommend starting around age 7, but will begin teaching students as young as age 5. The sessions for this age are 25 minutes, which is just long enough at this age. The upper levels have 50- minute classes. For our Elementary Level, we received 1/2 semester of lessons (7 lessons) which sells for $59.99.
Before the lessons started, we had a technician call us to make sure everything is set up properly and to make sure we have the appropriate internet speed and technology needed. They also send reminders the day before your lesson each week to make sure yo remember the classes.  If you are going to miss a session, you can reschedule if needed, with adequate notice.
During the lesson, they chat for a few minutes about their home and family, pets, and things they like to do. Then they would spend a few minutes reviewing what was covered the previous week, and learn some new content. My son has been learning Spanish for a few years, so things he was learning started out as a review.
His teacher, Elda, began by quickly assessing what he already knew and then progressed from there. She reviewed the alphabet, family names, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, and more. During the lessons, she shows colorful slides with pictures to helps them see what the vocabulary is. These would then be added to his “homework” on the site to review throughout the week. It is a PDF file that can be downloaded and saved or printed for your kids. In the early grades, they do not give any actual homework, just vocabulary to review.
My son really loves learning Spanish and I feel like this program is such a good fit for him. I love listening to the lessons as he chats with his teacher using all of the Spanish words he knows. Having a native speaker as a teacher is a huge benefit as well. It allows him to really speak it with someone who knows the language well. I see such quick progress during these lessons.
My husband is not usually home during lessons, but happened to be home one time. He sat and listened in for a few minutes and was so impressed by what he was learning. He asked me if my son could understand all that she was saying, because she was speaking mostly in Spanish to him. He was very impressed!
The image below shows the pricing schedule for Early Language. It varies by level and also if you choose to pair up you kids. All of that is available on their site. I think the price is very much worth it for the quality of instruction you receive.
It’s a wonderful program that I definitely recommend!
We have been so pleased with it! You can even try the first lesson for free. See here for more details.


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