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Curriculum Review~ Spanish For You!

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We have been studying Spanish in our homeschool for several years in various ways. I am always happy to try out a new Spanish curriculum. Lately we have been using a new one called Spanish For You! a themed curriculum for grades 3-8 created by Debbie Annett.
Spanish For You Homeschool curriculum

Spanish for You: Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

This program is meant to be used 4 days a week and teaches vocabulary, grammar, verb conjugation, and pronunciation (with audio files).  The program is very easy to use and can be done with multiple kids/grade levels at once. It can be purchased in a book or e-book format.
Each Spanish for You curriculum package comes with: 
24-30 week lesson guide
Worksheets & answers
Audio files of the entire book
Printable flashcards with pictures
Teacher lesson plans (sold separately)
You can purchase the full package for $64.95 for grades 3-8 or you can buy the grades separately for just $39.95. The teacher lesson plans are an additional cost of $12.95-$14.95.
The Spanish for You curriculum comes in themed packages.  There are currently 2 different ones Fiestas & Estaciones (the links have samples for you to look at). But she is working on creating more.
We received & reviewed the Fiestas curriculum. This one teaches all about different parties and celebrations. The celebration themes included are: Birthday Parties, The Day of the Dead, Carnival, Holy Week, and April Fair. You are learning about the celebrations common in Spanish countries along with learning vocabulary, so it is also a great culture lesson.
Spanish curriculum
This Spanish curriculum comes with many ideas for games and activities to reinforce the learning. Click here to see lots of these ideas for free. We loved using these fun ideas to practice our vocabulary!  She also has a bunch of free mini lessons available on her site.
We used the curriculum 3-4 times each week as was recommended. The lessons are simple to follow and fun to learn. I really liked that she taught verb conjugation from the beginning.
It is great to help kids learn how to really converse in Spanish and hopefully reach fluency sooner!  The lessons covered a lot of information. The themes are a fun way to learn. What kid doesn’t want to learn about a birthday party?!
homeschool Spanish for You

I was impressed with the quality of the materials, however, I felt the lessons moved a little slowly for us. It stayed on the same topics for a LONG time. My son really wanted to move on much sooner than the lesson plan said to do so. So, we skipped ahead after a few lessons. We have been doing Spanish for a while, though. If you are just starting out, you may feel differently.

I liked having the audio files so I knew that we were pronouncing everything correctly. I also love that it is adaptable for all grades at once- this is great for homeschoolers.  I am glad we had the chance to try this out- it is a great addition to our language studies!

homeschool Spanish for you

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