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Spelling Activity Box

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My son struggles with spelling so much.  When we have a subject that is difficult, I look for new ways to reach it so it can be more bearable for my child. That’s one of the best parts about homeschooling, I adjust to the needs of each kid. He needed spelling to be a light, low-stress event because it was hard and he was feeling like he was terrible at it, thus giving up. The Spelling Activity Box was born to help him.

spelling activity box

I had this big deck of cards that I downloaded years ago, 101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun. These I have used with several kids and they have been great for us.  I took those and expanded upon the idea, making a spelling activity box.  I got the spelling box idea from The Good and The Beautiful conference I attended last year.  They had little box that they sold to go along with their curriculum. I loved the idea and decided to create my own.

What’s in our Spelling Activity Box?

To make my spelling box, I needed something to contain it all.  The bin I use is a Latchmate with a tray. I got it at Michael’s when it was on sale, but you can find them on Amazon, too. It is the perfect bin for organizing a variety of smaller items.

Here is what we have in ours:

spelling box

Ideas for Using Your Spelling Activity Box:

Have kids write the words in white crayon then paint over them with watercolors.

painting spelling words

Get a water bottle and squirt the words onto pavement or paint them with water on the pavement.

Write the words in glue and glue on dried beans or other small objects.

spelling with beans from spelling activity box

Write your words on rainbow scratch-off cards.

Stamp your words.

Write them with letter stickers.

Spell on the fridge with magnet letters.

Spell your words with letter crackers or cookies. (Pictured are my CVC word cards)

spelling activity with crackers

Form the words out of pipe cleaners.

Make your words with stones.

Spell the words with letter beads on string or pipe cleaners.

Form letters and words out of play dough or Floam (see here).

Write your words out of small food objects such as cheerios, raisins, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, etc. Then kids can eat them after! 🙂

What ways have you tried to make spelling more fun?  This little spelling activity box has been perfect for our home and is an easy way to change things up around here. I hope it inspires you to make your spelling lessons a bit more hands-on and engaging.

Want more ideas?  Check out this post: 100 Fun Spelling Games and Activities.

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