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Sound Experiment: Buzzing Bug Noisemaker Toys

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If you are learning about bugs or maybe the sense of sound, you have to try this fun noisemaker toy!  The kids and I made a fun little buzzing bug noisemaker toy together.

This little toy is also a sound experiment!  It is so simple to put together & you likely already have everything on hand to make it.

homemade noisemaker toy

How To Make The Buzzing Bug NoiseMaker:

To make this fun homemade buzzing bug noisemaker toy,  you need a craft stick, a 3 x 5 note card (or piece of craft foam), a large rubber band, 2 pencil topper erasers, and some string.

diy buzzing noisemaker toy for kids

Cut the note card into a 3 inch square. We drew some stripes on it to make it look more like a little bug. Staple the note card to the center of the craft stick. Tie a string around one end. Put the erasers on each end of the stick.  Then stretch the rubber band over the whole thing.

homemade buzzing bug noisemaker toy for kids

To make the noisemaker buzz, you have to spin it really fast around in a circle. My son was better at making it work than me. He loves playing with it!

The Science Behind The Buzzing Bug Noisemaker:

This noisemaker toys is a great experiment to demonstrate how bugs wings make noise as they fly.

The spinning creates a vibration and these vibrations create sound waves in the air. When it is spinning, the rubber band and the paper movement together creating a buzzing sound,   Just like a bugs wings!

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buzzing bug noisemaker toy

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