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Benefits of Building Toys for Kids

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We hear a lot about STEM. these days.  STEM. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  These subjects are being pushed alone more in school and the benefits of learning them are wonderful.  One way to help encourage this type of learning is through different hands-on activities.  Today I am going to tell you some benefits of building toys.  Did you know that building blocks can teach science, math and engineering?  I can definitely vouch that this is true and I think that is part of the reason that I love building toys so much! We were introduced to a cool new building toy over the summer called Brackitz. I’ll also tell you about them today. (I received a free set of Brackitz in exchange for an honest review on my site. All opinions are my own.)

Benefits of Building Toys for Kids- STEM

Building and construction toys can teach kids a lot of things!

Benefits of Building Toys for Kids:

  • Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination,
  • Math skills- geometry, area, size, equivalents, sorting by size/shape
  • Creative thinking- making new and unique buildings
  • Problem Solving- figuring out the best way to build for stability
  • Engineering skills- life-long learning. Your child may be beginning his engineering career by building scale models now!
  • Science- learning balance and gravity, experimenting, cause and effect
  • Social or dramatic play- narrating the things they are building and creating play scenarios

Building Toys for Kids

There is evidence that complex block-play is linked with advanced math skills in later life. Who wouldn’t want to encourage that?!  I have to admit I prefer toys like this to many other toys on the market these days. I like toys that encourage thinking and doing.

Brackets Building Toys

Chris Cochella, the creator of Brackitz,  is a veteran tech innovator.  As a dad, he knew that there was room for growth in how kids play and learn at the same time.   Chris actually noticed the gap in the market for STEM toys in the middle years.  Young children had building blocks.  Older children had erector sets.  He wanted to build the bridge in between those years with an educational toy that both parents and kids would enjoy.  With STEM at its core, Brackitz are a modern take on traditional blocks, utilizing unique connector pieces that aren’t limited to 90-degree builds.  This allows kids to create designs as wild as their imaginations will allow.

We received a 50-piece set of Brackitz which sells for $30. They are wooden blocks with plastic connector pieces that have different angles allowing you to build all different shapes and structures.  Kids can really be creative! They do not include an instructions for building so it can really be open-ended play.  There are pictures and ideas, however, that can get your kid’s minds going. Also, their website has a large amount of inspiration to check out, too!

STEM building toys

Check them out!  They are pretty great!

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