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LEGO Tessellation Puzzle (Plus 100 Other Ways to Learn with LEGO!)

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Do you have LEGO fans in your house?  We REALLY do. I have a few blogging friends who have written a book called the Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO (100+ Inspiring Ideas) by Nicolette RouxDanielle BuckleyDayna AbrahamLaura MarschelSamantha Soper-Caetano,  & Sarah McClelland.  We created their idea for a LEGO Tessellation Puzzle. My kids have been having fun playing with these puzzles for hours and hours!

Lego Learning Ideas- Lego Tesselation Puzzle

The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO has tons of educational ideas for various levels and subject areas.  There are some ideas for early education teaching colors and counting, all the way up to engineering and other STEM topics. I love that they covered such a wide variety of ideas, because it works great for a family with older kids and younger kids who love Legos. We have a few Lego books in our house already, and am thrilled to add this one to our library as well.


There are 3 formats available. On Amazon you can buy the Kindle or paperback version. Or, you can buy a PDF copy  through my link here.

Now, let me tell you about some of our favorite activities from the book!

Lego Tesselation Puzzles- Plus 100 other Lego Learning Ideas

LEGO Tessellation Puzzles

We built these awesome LEGO Tessellation puzzles. They are simple to build, but the idea is just so great. There are so many things you can make with them!  Symmetry with Lego Tesselation Puzzles

All of the kids helped build and they are all enjoying making different symmetrical patterns with them.  We made two of each color of puzzle piece so we could make lots of different things.  It was a great lesson for my younger kids on symmetry. This was a new word for them!

Lego Puzzles

100+ LEGO Learning Ideas!!

Some of the other ideas we are looking forward to trying out are the Number Line Game, the Puzzle Mat, Tetris, and the wind-powered car.  Those are just a few of the exciting ideas included in the book. There are over 200 pages of Lego fun!

I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this through Amazon.

lego tessellation puzzles

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