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Short A CVC Word Spelling Activities

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Do you have a beginning reader you are working with?  We are focusing on Short A CVC word spelling activities this week at our house. If you need some inspiration, check out my newest printable. I made a set of CVC spelling word cards and spelling puzzles.

short a cvc words

The word cards can be used with letter tiles or scrabble tiles.

You could also make it a lot more fun by using letter cookies!  My kids were 100x more excited with the activity when I added in food! 🙂 We picked these cookies up at Walmart, but I have seen boxes of similar ones at The Dollar Tree, too. (Or make your own with some alphabet cookie cutters.)  I also found these awesome Alphabet Gummies on Amazon!

cvc spelling with letter cookies


What is a CVC Word?

CVC stands for Consonant, Vowel, Consonant. They are three letter words that are easier for beginning readers to read.  This set of cards has all short A vowels in the center. Most often in CVC words, the vowel is a short vowel. Once kids learn their letter sounds, these words are the best ones to start with when teaching your child or student to read.


Short A CVC Word Spelling Cards

These printable CVC Word Spelling cards include 35 word cards with short A CVC words.  The following words are used in this set:

Feel free to save and print this Short A CVC Word list as needed!

I will be making sets for the rest of the vowels as well, so stay tuned for those ones soon.

short a CVC word puzzles

Along with the word cards, I made puzzles of all 35 of the short A CVC words. This is another great way for kids to practice the words. The puzzles and the word cards share the same pictures. This will help kids recognize the words and learn them better!

If you would like to print this 25 page file, it is available in my shop for purchase!

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