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ASL Alphabet Printable Chart and Flashcards

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In this post, I have a printable ASL Alphabet Printable chart and flashcards.  These can be used in your homeschool, classrooms, libraries, or wherever you need them for educational purposes.  These include all of the letters of the English alphabet. 

 Ever since I was a kid I have loved learning sign language and loved finger spelling with the ASL alphabet.  My siblings and I used to spell words out to each other all the time. It is an especially great way to communicate in situations when we were supposed to be quiet.  I have since taught the American Sign Language alphabet and baby sign language to my own kids and we still like to use it often. 

Benefits of Learning Sign Language

There are so many benefits to teaching and learning sign language. For some, sign language is their primary language. I have a niece who is deaf and it is important for her family and friends to learn to communicate with her.  If more people learn sign language, more of us will be able to communicate with those who are deaf or unable to speak. Sign language is for younger, children, older children and adults alike! There is not age limit on learning this language. 

If you are in the special education field, sign language will be especially helpful for communicating with students who are not vocal or always able to communicate with words. 

Learning sign language is great for early communication skills with young children who are not able to speak many words yet, too!  Learning sign language in a classroom can help kids be more engaged in learning since it is an interactive kind of learning. Signs help kids form mental pictures and create deeper connections. It is helpful for speech and language development.  It also helps kids develop fine motor skills.

You can use sign language in your classroom or homeschool in many different ways.  Practice letters of the alphabet using the sign language alphabet.  Learn and practice spelling words with sign language. Print out the Sign language flashcards and use them as a moveable alphabet to build words. What other ways can you come up with to use these hand signs? 

Printable ASL Alphabet Posters and Flashcards 

As I mentioned, I created some printable ASL alphabet charts and flash cards. These are the perfect study tool for new signers. 

Included in this printable pack are two different ASL alphabet posters.  One is in black and white and one is in color with four different shades of skin. Also included are sign language flashcards in both color and black and white. 

You can get the posters professionally printed on large white posters for your home or classroom. Or, just print them at home. I recommend you laminate them for durability if using with kids.  I LOVE my Scotch Laminator & use it very frequently!

Download the ASL Alphabet Printables Now!

You can download the ASL alphabet poster & flashcards by clicking the button below.  These are for personal use or educational use, but cannot be shared, re-sold or hosted online elsewhere. Downloading them will also add you to my newsletters which has exclusive offers, updates and more!

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