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Learn to Say I Love You in 20 Different Languages

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to teach my kids how to say I Love You in different languages. Today I have a little free printable set of cards to use to teach kids to say I Love you in 20 different languages. Don’t worry, they include pronunciations, too!

I love you in 20 languages

Do you teach your kids a foreign language? Learning languages can be such a beneficial thing for kids and their future. There is no reason to wait until they are older. IN fact, research has proven that younger kids learn languages much more easily than older kids.

Have your kids ever asked you how to say I love you in French or Spanish? My kids are always wanting to know how to say different things in different languages.

I am planning to pull these out on Valentine’s Day for a little fun learning activity. We are going to learn them together and then quiz each other on them. You could also print double and use them as a matching game. They would be a fun Valentine’s Day party decoration or activity as well!

How to Say I Love you in 20 Different Languages:

The following are the languages included on the printable cards:

  1. French: Je t’aime
  2. Danish: Jeg elsker dig
  3. German: lch liebe dich
  4. Greek: S’agapo
  5. Italian: Ti amo
  6. Japanese: Aishireru
  7. Korean: Sarang hae
  8. Hawaiian: Aloha wau ia ‘oe
  9. Dutch: lk hou van jou
  10. Finnish: Mina rakastan sinua
  11. Mandarin: Wo ai ni
  12. Polish: Kocham cie
  13. Portuguese: Amo-te
  14. Romanian: Te lubesc
  15. Russian: Ya lyublyu tebya
  16. Slovak: Lubim ta
  17. Spanish: Te amo
  18. Swahili: Naku penda
  19. Swedish: Jag alskar dig
  20. Arabic: Uhibbuki

This set of cards is a free printable for subscribers! It is a 4 page file with 20 different language cards. Each card says the language, how to say I love you in that language, plus a pronunciation underneath to help you learn how to say it.

If you would like to learn how to say I love you in different languages, then you definitely want to print this out! To get access, sign up below and it will be emailed right to you.

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  1. The German is wrong.. Germans generally do not say ICH for Ich or DICK for dich. CH is not a K sound but a CH as in the word Change (but without the soft t at the beginning).
    ICK is the pronunciation in Berliner dialect only and NO german would ever say Dick instead of Dich..
    and yes, I am from Germany.

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