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Patriotic Shaker & Lady Liberty Crown Craft

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I have two simple last-minute Patriotic crafts for the 4th of July this week.  Both of these are fun and easy things that I did with my on-hand craft supplies. They have made my kids happy this week! We made a VERY easy Lady Liberty Crown (Statue of Liberty) and also a Patriotic shaker toy.

Patriotic Crafts for kids- 4th of July, Statue of Liberty


To make the statue of liberty crown, you need a large piece of craft foam. Mine was about 12 x 18 inches. Along the bottom of the longer side, leave a 2 inch strip and then draw zig-zags from that point to the top of the foam.

lady liberty crown template


Make little slits along the bottom in the 2 inch section that you left.

statue of liberty crown



Cut out the points and fold them over slipping the point through the slit you cut.

patriotic crown craft

Thread a piece of red yarn through the whole thing and tie it in the back to make it into a crown.

statue of liberty crown tutorial

My daughter LOVES it!

Lady Liberty Crown Craft- statue of liberty, 4th of July

The second patriotic craft is the patriotic shaker. For the shaker, I used a mini water bottle and filled it with red, white and blue beads.

patriotic shaker supplies

For the star topper, I cut out three stars in the three colors. We put used our Elmer’s Early Learners glue stick to glue on each star and put the straw in the center. I glued them together to make it three-sided.

3 sided star topper

I stuck the straw into the water bottle and added in some pieces of red white and blue ribbon as well. Then I taped it all together with some clear packing tape.

Patriotic Shaker Craft

What patriotic crafts have you done with your kids this week?

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