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Little Girl Purse Craft

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Learn how to make a simple purse craft for little girls!

It’s time for something a little girly today.  My daughter is all girl. She loves pink and purple, loves princesses, dancing, and dolls. She wants to wear dresses and skirts every day. She loves doing crafts. If it is girly in any way she likes it. So, we had to do a fun girly craft for her. We made a homemade purse craft for little girls from craft foam and yarn.

Purse craft

How to Make a Simple Purse Craft for Little Girls

This is purse craft is really simple to make. Your kids could even do it on their own.  It is great because it is also teaching them basic sewing skills!

All you need is a sheet of craft foam, yarn, and a big (dull) needle for threading it.

I cut out two even rectangles of the craft foam. The size you cut it is up to you!

Then we hole punched around three of the sides. One side is left un-punched to be the opening of the purse. On one side, tie a piece of yarn that is long enough to go all the way around. Thread the end of the yarn onto the needle and sew around the purse.   Use the rest of the yarn to make the strap. Tie it to the other side.

Craft foam purse craft

After your child has sewn it, let them decorate their purse to their heart’s delight. They can use markers or stickers, glue & sequins, etc.  Let them make it special!  This could be a great craft for a birthday party, or any other group event with lots of little girls!

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