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Milk Jug Skeleton: Halloween Anatomy

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Check out this awesome milk jug skeleton for your Halloween decorations!

We have been learning anatomy at our house lately.  We learned about the skeletal system and decided to make a fun project related to it. We saved up our milk jugs and made an awesome milk jug skeleton. The fun part is that this milk jug skeleton can also double as a Halloween decoration, and you are recycling your milk jugs!

Milk Jug Skeleton

The inspiration for this project came from the About Me preschool book that we reviewed a while back.

How to Make the Milk Jug Skeleton:

To make this milk jug skeleton, you need 8 or 9 clean milk jugs. Start saving or asking your neighbors to help!

Other Supplies for the Milk Jug Skeleton:

Sharpie Marker
Hot Glue Gun

Grab your sharpie marker. You will next need to draw out the pieces on your milk jugs as follows:

  • You will use 1 milk jug for the skull,
  • Use one jug for the torso.
  • Use the bottom 1/3 of one jug for the hips.
  • You’ll make 8 limb bones using the side corners of three jugs,
  • You’ll make the hands and feet using the sides of 2 jugs.
  • The shoulders come from the handles of two of the jugs.

skeleton from milk jugs

Terribly blurry picture, but I think you can get the idea…

milk jug Skeleton anatomy

Assembling the Milk Jug Skeleton:

I cut the milk jugs with regular scissors, but a craft knife or blade might work a bit better if you have one.

To assemble, hole punch the bones and tie them together with a little bit of string.

To attach the hip bones to the torso, I cut four holes in matching locations on both of them and tied them together.

The shoulders were hot glued onto the top of the torso.

To attach the head to the torso, cut the top lip off of the opening of the torso jug. The head jug will fit into it nicely. Hot glue it to secure it tightly.

Done-zo!  You have finished your awesome milk jug skeleton!  Now go hang it proudly in the yard.

Skeleton from Milk Jugs

My little guy adores his skeleton buddy!

Anatomy- milk jug Skeleton

More Ways to Study Skeletons & the Human Body:

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play dough anatomy

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anatomy skeleton ideas

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