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Rainbow Tie-Dye Suncatchers Craft

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Make some fun and easy rainbow tie-dye suncatchers with your kids & students!   This craft is simple and so beautiful when you are done.
My kids and I had lots of fun making these- I enjoyed it just as much as they did.

suncatchers rainbow tie dye

How To Make the Rainbow Tie-Dye Suncatchers Craft:

You will need just a few supplies for this craft:
Use white tissue paper and cut them into flower and circle shapes.   You could also use coffee filters in place of the tissue paper. Both work great!
Next,  fold the shapes in half a few times just like you are making a snowflake- into triangle-like shapes.
Use dot markers- or regular markers if you don’t have dot markers- and press them down until the ink soaks through the layers.  You will likely have to flip it over and do the back side, too.  Use lots of colors to make fun patterns.
You will want something underneath the paper, as it get’s pretty messy. That’s where the paper towel comes in.
suncatcher craft
After the papers are fully colored, let them dry for a few minutes before unfolding them.  The paper tears very easily when it is wet, so be really careful. You may want to do this step for your kids so they don’t rip theirs and get frustrated.  Open them up and then let the suncatchers dry completely before hanging them.

suncatchers craft

Hang the rainbow suncatchers in your window to let the sun shine through them, as intended! Aren’t they so bright and colorful?
suncatcher in window.
These are a great Spring or Summer craft to do with your children. Or, just make these suncatchers anytime you need to brighten up your window.
Rainbow Tie-Dye Suncatchers Craft

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