Rainbow Paper Weaving Craft for Kids

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Art is something we LOVE at our house. My daughter is always begging to do more arts & crafts.  This rainbow paper weaving craft came from her art homeschool lessons that she is doing each week, called Home Art Studio.


This rainbow paper weaving project is so fun and simple to make, but how pretty!!  My daughter is 6 and she was able to this almost entirely on her own. All I had to help her with was drawing the lines to cut.

How to Do The Rainbow Paper Weaving Craft

You will need 2 pieces of  a heavy-duty paper, card stock or watercolor papers work well.  You will also need some water color paints.

Paint rainbow stripes across the whole page. It looks really pretty if you blend them as you move to the next color. Don’t worry about rainbow order. Let kids paint it the way they want!

rainbow paper weaving


After it is all painted, you will need to let the painting dry before moving on.

Once your painted paper is dry,  fold the paper in half.

From the top of the page, measure down an inch or two. I did a ruler’s width.  Draw a line across the top of the page. Do the same on both sides of the paper.

Next, draw lines from the top line to the fold. Cut the strips from the folded edge up to the top line.

rainbow paper weaving art project for kids

These cuts will give you strips for weaving through. Use another piece of paper the same size and cut it into strips. Cut them about the same width as the strips you cut on your painted paper.

rainbow paper weaving craft for kids

Weave the white strips in and out of the painted paper.

weaving paper craft

This fun project came from the first grade Home Art Studio DVD. See my review of Home Art Studio here. It is an awesome homeschool art curriculum!

rainbow paper weaving craft for kids

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