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Rainbow Color Mixing In Bubble Wrap

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Color mixing is so much fun to do with kids. There are lots of great ways to do it. We have loved doing it with paint in the past, but this color mixing project is a little different. We did some rainbow color mixing in bubble wrap!

Bubble Wrap Color Mixing

Rainbow Color Mixing in Bubble Wrap

To do this fun color project, you will need cups of colored water, eye droppers, and large bubble wrap.

Primary colors- color mixing

Hang the bubble wrap in a window so the light is shining through. I used packing tape to hang ours.

primary colors- color mixing in bubble wrap

As you can see, it was a snowy, cold day, so this was a perfect indoor activity!

See it in action!


Fill the eye dropper with colored water and pop a little hole through the top of the bubble to fill it with colored water. Fill it with one color and then add another to make new colors. It can get a bit messy sometimes, so have a dark colored towel underneath to catch the spills that are bound to happen.

rainbow color mixing

My son’s favorite color is green. He made lots of green colored bubbles of water! The area thing about this activity, is that it keeps busy for a long time. Also, there are SO many bubbles that there is room for everyone to play. My bigger kids wanted to get in an play with it, too. I couldn’t help myself, either. It was really fun to play with.

eye dropper color mixing in bubble wrap


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