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Tints and Shades with Watercolors and Colored Pencils

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Art is a big part of our home. We love to do art projects together and always have a lot of art supplies available for the kids to use.  We also love studying great artists. There are so many benefits to art and I want my kids to experience many of those benefits.  

Today I want to share with you a simple art activity that is both educational and fun~ tints and shades with watercolors and colored pencils. We got some new Prang art and craft supplies in the mail last week and have been excited to try them out. To use them, I created a little printable page that has squares to make tints and shades of the various colors. Prang art supplies were new to us and I am highly impressed by the quality of their art materials. We received colored pencils and watercolors and I loved how vibrant the colors were in both sets.

My daughter was so excited that all of the colored pencils were dual colors, having a different color on each end. The colors are easy to blend and the pencils appear to be quite durable, too! The watercolors are wax free. They went on so bright and you do not need as much paint as you do in some of the other types of watercolors we have used. Plus, the brush that comes with them is a very nice paintbrush!  That was the first thing we noticed. Prang has all kinds of great supplies including: colored pencils, watercolors, crayons, paint. >prang watercolors tints and shades How to do the tints and shades art activity? prang art and craft solutions You can grab this printable HERE!  Download Now

Once you have it printed, choose your art medium. You can do it with any art supply, really!  We tried tints and shades with both water colors and colored pencils.

Tints & Shades with Watercolors: Paint the box that says Hue with the original, true color. Then the tint is made by adding white. Since there is not white in the watercolor set, you paint the square that says tint with a little water first, then add the color. This dilutes it to lighten it a tint. To make the shade, you add a small amount of black to the color by painting a tiny bit of black on the square that says shade first then adding the color next. These Prang paints are really vibrant, so you really need just a small amount!

Tints & Shades with Colored Pencils: With colored pencils you do have a white pencil. Color the square with white first then blend the color in to make the tint. Color the hue with just the original color and use the black pencil to make the shade. Colored pencils blend well if you color on the side of the sharpened edge and color lightly. In the market for more art supplies?   Try the Prang art supplies for yourself!

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