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Books To Keep Kids BUSY!

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Are you looking for some easy and fun summer activities for kids? Today I am sharing some books to keep kids busy and entertained when I can’t do it for them! You know what I am talking about- those moments when your kids whine about how bored they are. Well, these books will solve that problem!  I know. . . you can thank my later.

 Books That Keep Kids Busy

I have been so lucky to receive two really fun books for free to review recently- both are definitely books to keep kids busy!  The timing could not have been better since summertime is always the time we need more ideas of things to do!  One is called Boredom Busters by Eileen McAree and the other is called 101 Kids Activities That are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller.

Boredom Busters is a small book that you could pack with you on a trip or keep in the car.  It is great because you could take it on vacation and use during those times your kids need something extra. Most of the activities are simple and require no extra materials. You kids can pick up the book and use it for inspiration with no need for you to intervene.  There are also no messes involved.  The books brings me back to my childhood. It focuses on the wonderful games that we all used to play!! There are several sections: Sidewalk Chalk Games, Jump Rope Rhymes, Clapping Games, Backyard Games, Ball Games, Travel Games, Simple Crafts & Activities, Resources (this includes some fun things you can have in your home to keep your kids busy).


boredom busters


My kids have loved having this book around the house this summer. What I have loved is that they open it up and say: “Oh! Let’s do this one!” Then they run off to play whatever fun activity they discovered in the book. It has been a life saver for many a bored moment here. 🙂  If simplicity, and old fashioned is your style, you will love the activities in this book. There are many fun games in Boredom Busters that we had never played that are becoming new favorites.

101 kids activities

101 Kids Activities That are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! is a book that I wonder how I lived without all of these years! It is a new book by some of my favorite bloggers at Kids Activities Blog. This book is full of awesome hands-on, often messy, entertaining activities that will keep your kids (and you) very happy. If you love crafty stuff (or your kids do) this is a great book!  The pages have full-color pictures of all of the activities.  The activities are super fun. My kids want to do each and every one.  The book is divided into four different sections: Boredom Busters, Crafts, Games, and Simple Science. Each section is packed with creativity and fun. Your kids will truly adore this book.

Here are a few photos of a couple of the activities included From 101 Kids Activities by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller, printed with permission of Page Street Publishing June 2014)


My sons are dying to make this egg carton airplane!



This Sticky note maze looks like fun that would keep the kids busy for a long time!  If you would like to try winning a copy of this book, enter the rafflecopter form below!



Show Me a Story  by Emily Neuberger ~ My Review


Tinkerlab: Am Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors by Rachelle Doorley


Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun by Amanda Kingloff


The Preschooler’s Busy Book by Trish Kuffner

What are your favorite books to keep kids busy?

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