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40 Fun Magnet Experiments and Play Ideas

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Magnets can be so much fun for kids to play with and learn from. The invisible force of the magnetic field seems almost like magic! Today I want to show you some creative magnet experiments (and PLAY) ideas for your next lesson on magnetism. If your kids want to learn more about magnets, this post will give you a wealth of ideas!

Magnet experiments for teaching and play

FUN Magnet Science Experiments and Activities


Magnetic Marble Mazes: For this activity you need magnet wands and magnetic marbles, plus my printable mazes!

Watch it:

magnet marble mazes


Animal Magnet Face Drawings: These are reminiscent of the old funny face magnet toy I had as a kid. It’s fun & easy to make, plus kids love it!



The Magnet Bell Game: We used our magnet wands for this one, too, as well as some small colored bells. This does NOT have to be a Christmas game. 🙂

The Magnet Bell Game

This Cow Magnet in a Bottle Experiment was loads of fun! My kids LOVED this magnet experiment.

exploring magnetic fields experiment


Stacking Levitating Magnets: this magnet experiment uses ring magnets, a wooden skewer and play dough.

stacking levitating magnets experiment

Milk Cap Magnet Boats: Save your milk and bottle caps for this playful magnet experiment in water.

milk cap magnet boat

This Magnet Pendulum: another great use for the magnet wands! This experiment tests to see which direction the wand swings when you move the magnets around. The magnetic force makes the wand swing in different patterns. It’s so fun to watch and to play with!
Watch it in action:

magnet experiment pendulum

Magnet Science Fun for Kids– The magnet bottle experiment is an easy one to put together with things you may already have in your house You just need an empty plastic bottle, pipe cleaners, and a strong magnet that will attract the pipe cleaners. The attractive force of the magnet will pick up the pipe cleaners through the bottle!

magnet pipe cleaner bottle

Simple Machines Gear & Magnet Play for Kids: Use magnets to attach gears to a white board.

Simple Machines Gear Play for Kids with magnets

My kids like to collect small household objects and see which ones stick to the magnets.  You could chart them in two columns.

You can have them try to put the same poles of the magnets together and see what happens.  Then try with opposite poles- what’s the difference? Teach them the terms repel & attract.

See if they can make them move things with magnets. There is a fun experiment to get cars moving with magnets on this website.

Here are directions to make your own compass out of a magnet.

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