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Magnetic Marble Mazes

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I have been wanting to make some kind of magnetic marble mazes for a while. I tried it a few different ways without loving the results. Finally, I decided making a printable set would be the easiest way!  So, that’s what I did! We love marble games at our house, but have you ever played with these magnetic marbles?  They are tons of fun.

These magnetic marble mazes are simple little maze patterns that you can guide a magnet marble through.

To do them, you place the marble on top and the magnet under neath the paper. You move the magnet across the bottom guiding the marble through the maze.


It’s quite simple, really!  All of my kids went nuts over this!  When I put it in front of therm, there were lots of “COOL!” & “FUN!” &  “MY TURN!!” expressions!  (Good thing I made several of them!)  Even my oldest liked this one.

There are 8 different maze patterns from easy to harder. I printed them on card stock. There are two mazes on each page, so I cut them in half to make them easier to use.

We used magnetic marbles and magnet wands for this game.



Once they all had the chance to try them out a few times, they started doing maze races to see who could finish first while staying in the lines of the maze. This lasted a long time.

These are awesome for a lesson on magnetism!  You could use it in a preschool or on up through upper elementary. My 12-year-old even enjoyed playing with them!

Want to Download the Magnetic Marble Mazes?


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  1. Hi, I would love to include this resource in my preschool classroom. It is a great for eye hand coordination. Do you have a suggestion how I can make this activity less frustrating for the children; where they can explore independently without marbles falling and rolling everywhere?

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