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Homemade Christmas Marble Game

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We have an abundance of marbles in our house. My kids love them and play with them often.  I am so excited to share our latest creation with you. This homemade Christmas Marble Game is so much fun. It is easy to make and kids LOVE it!

homemade christmas marble game

Watch it in action here:


How to Make the Homemade Marble Game

Supplies You will Need:

Small to medium sized cardboard box
Duct Tape
Box Cutter or Exacto Knife
Duct Tape

To make the marble game, I used a larger cardboard box and cut from the sides so I could have a large flat surface.  You could also make it in a shoebox or other box with a flat bottom. You will need to cut a second piece of cardboard the same size as the bottom of your box, too. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Tape along the sides of the box with duct tape to secure it.

Christmas game- how to make a marble game

Draw your design with pencil inside the bottom of the box.  I made  Christmas Tree, but any design could work here! Once you have your design made, make the design with some colored duct tape. A tree is a simple design you can make with straight lines.

Christmas Game for Kids

Now you need to decide where you want the marbles to land.  I cut out small squares for each spot I wanted to have a marble land.  I made 11 holes.

make a homemade christmas game with marbles for kids

Now you need the second piece of cardboard.  I placed red tape along the second piece that matched up with the holes I cut out of the box. Then, tape it to the bottom of the box.

making a marble run game

I grabbed my box out of the recycle bin, so it was a bit crumpled, but it still worked great! 🙂

Now your game should be complete! It’s time to play with it.

Put in enough marbles to fill each of the holes. To play, move the box around to get each marble to land in all of the holes.

Christmas marble game


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