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Christmas Jokes for Kids

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If you spend any time with kids, you know they love jokes. They love telling jokes and they love making up jokes.  We have a few joke books that have gotten a lot of use in our house.  My kids pore over them and I have heard all of them so many times.  For the holiday season, why not try out some new Christmas jokes?

Print out these fun Christmas jokes for kids- they can be used as lunch box notes, in your advent, or just for entertaining the kids during the holiday season. These would even be fun to do a joke a day with the kids during December!

Christmas Jokes for Kids

Printable Christmas Jokes for Kids

Make your kids giggle, laugh out loud, or roll their eyes a few times with this funny set of Christmas Jokes for Kids.  All of these jokes have a Christmas tree theme.

This printable set includes 24  jokes. There are 4 pages of jokes with 6 jokes per page.  This is the perfect amount for a  joke countdown to the Christmas holiday!  Kids would love it if you used these as lunch box notes, too.

Here are a few samples of the Christmas jokes:

  • How did the Christmas Tree get in trouble?     It was knotty.
  • Why did the Christmas tree goto the doctor?    It was feeling green.
  • What did the Christmas tree do after it’s bank closed?   It started his own branch.

Want to print this fun set of Christmas jokes?

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Our Favorite Joke Books for Kids:

Give your kids an endless supply of silly jokes to tell each other with these joke books.
Here are two great ones!  Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids and Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids both by Rob Elliott

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