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Puzzle Cube Christmas Advent Calendar

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Happy first of December!  To celebrate the new month, I want to share with you a super fun homemade Puzzle Cube Christmas Advent Calendar. This advent calendar is made of paper cubes. Each cube has a portion of the picture to assemble each day of the month.

puzzle cube christmas advent calendar

I love this fun advent calendar. It is something you and your kids can make together. It takes a little bit of time to color, cut and assemble these cubes, but it is worth the energy when you see it all finished.

About the Puzzle Cube Christmas Advent Calendar

You make the advent calendar by printing out all of the pages. There are 2 cubes per page so the file is a total of 14 pages (with the instruction page).  The instruction page also has a full image of what the finished puzzle will look like.

christmas advent printable puzzle

Once you color it and cut it out, you fold it inward and tape the edges together to make it into a cube shape. The more carefully and accurately you put it together, the better it will fit together in the end. I highly recommend using card stock paper to make this advent calendar more durable. We did not, but the cubes get smashed very easily.

Each cube is numbered so you can easily assemble it and so you know which day of the month to open each cube. I think you could use this two different ways. Either build it all at once, and open one each day, or you can give your child one cube each day to add to the picture. Both are lots of fun!


puzzle cube christmas advent calendar for kids

Inside of the cubes, you can put a little scripture, activity idea or small treat to make each day of December extra special.  You can tailor it to your own needs and desires. We like to put a little paper scripture and a small candy.

christmas advent calendar cubes

Want to download this Christmas Advent Calendar?

You can find it in my shop:


Puzzle Cube Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids

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