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Inside a House that is Haunted ~Haunted House Craft

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I have a favorite Halloween book that we have been enjoying for many years called Inside a House that is Haunted by Alyssa Satin Capucilli.   I decided to do a haunted house craft based on this book.

Inside a House that is Haunted is a fun story with lots of repetition for younger readers. It has cute (not scary) monsters that are awakened by a knock on the door. The end is funny because when they open the door it is Trick-or-Treaters and the monsters are afraid of them!

Halloween Book and Haunted House Craft

How to Make the Haunted House Craft:

The haunted house craft is a house with windows that open with the monsters and scary things mentioned in the book behind windows.

To make this haunted house craft, I found clip art to match the story line (mostly from My Cute Graphics) and printed them out.  I sketched a haunted house that looked like the one on the cover of the book on a big piece of paper.  I made sure there were enough windows on the house for all of the things in the story. Then cut the windows open and taped the clip art images in the openings. The kids then colored and decorated the house however they wanted.

haunted house craft


Once the haunted house was finished we hung it up so the kids can play with it. They like to read the story to each other and find the pictures that match each page of the book.


Haunted House Book & Craft Idea

 We love how it turned out and will display it proudly this Halloween season! Happy October!

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