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Flannel Board Pumpkin Face Match

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If you are looking for a fun and simple autumn or pumpkin themed idea for preschoolers, look no further!  This Pumpkin Face Match with a felt board is so much fun!

I made a flannel / felt board a while back for my kids and have been wanting to make some more fun things to play with it. I decided a Halloween themed one would be a lot of fun for the kids. I made this Pumpkin Face Matching Game for them and they LOVE it!!

pumpkin face match preschool
I made some little pumpkin face cards and then cut out flannel to match the different face. (You can print the cards below!)
To play, the kids choose a pumpkin card and find the correct face pieces to match the face on the card. It’s simple and great for kids young and old.
If you don’t have any colored felt, paper would work fine for this, too.
preschool pumpkin face match flannel board
It is a great interactive game! This is perfect for teaching shape recognition.  This would also be a really fun game for a quiet book.
pumpkin preschool face match flannel board activity

Click HERE to download your free Flannel Board Pumpkin Face Cards.

 Want a few more felt board ideas? See my Continent Felt Board post for the tutorial on how I made my felt board. See the Turkey Feather Matching and Christmas Tree Matching posts, too!

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  1. I drew pumpkin outlines on my bathtub wall and cut the pieces out of foam. Then I taped up the laminated cards for them to match. Thanks for a great idea!!

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