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Trick or Treat Alternative: Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

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Are you looking for a trick-or-treat alternative?  This year, Halloween might look a little bit different than in other years!  I am not sure yet if we will be trick-or-treating in our community due to virus concerns.  So, I have been thinking of ways to make the holiday fun for my kids.   But don’t worry!  This Halloween Pumpkin Hunt idea will be sure to thrill your little ones!

halloween pumpkin hunt

The Halloween Pumpkin Hunt~ A Trick-or Treating Alternative

I was thinking of other holidays we celebrate as a family and what makes them special and though of the Easter Egg hunt.  I though, why not try the same thing for Halloween this year?

I envisioned little pumpkin “eggs” and just knew someone had likely created them already!  Luckily I was right and found some online already filled with cute Halloween trinkets. They made my life easier!

halloween pumpkin hunt


I also got some of these Acorn Capsules (they are the little things that are in gumboil machines) and put some glow in the dark bouncy balls. How cool will that look on Halloween night?!  The capsules or pumpkins  could easily fit candies, too!

halloween scavenger hunt

Fill your pumpkins or acorn capsules with whatever your kids would enjoy, (their favorite candy, some little halloween toys, a few coins, etc)  then hide them around the yard, or do it at a park.  We invited cousins over to enjoy our pumpkin hunt with us.

halloween pumpkin hunt
Since we did it a month ahead of Halloween, they were all extra excited to get dressed up and do it!  They had the best time hunting for pumpkins.

halloween at home

I also think this could be an easy and safe way to pass out candy in your neighborhoods.  Families could walk around and choose an egg from your yard with no physical contact.  The perfect solution this year, right?!

halloween family activity

What are your Halloween plans this year?

halloween pumpkin hunt-2

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